Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Dermot Jones) #1105

Are you offering to offer biscuits to our guests? You already do a huge amount for the Space…

(Mark Johnson) #1106

Don’t push it!

(Dermot Jones) #1107

Are you offering to host?

(Mark Johnson) #1108


(Greg Bailey ) #1109

No problem, thanks for letting me know Dermot, I’m not that close so will try again next week.

(Dermot Jones) #1110

So…@members it’s me again.

We need you, you and you – but not you if you really really aren’t comfortable with it – to sign up to host an open evening at some time in the next few weeks.

There’s a lot of interest in the Space currently: people are interested in what we are and what goes on in our Maker-cave.

And they need a friendly face to welcome them in, offer them a hot drink and give them a mini tour.

You don’t have to know everything about the space and all the equipment (no one does), and we have a great guide you can follow – or you’re free to improvise! Members in the space are always supportive too.

(Dale Connolly) #1111

@Jonty_Bottomley the missus loved her fairy pendant. Great work there. Thanks again!

(Dermot Jones) #1112

Bumpitty bump.

(Dermot Jones) #1113

(Jonty Bottomley) #1114

I’ll be in the space, can run this again should no one else be about.

(Dermot Jones) #1115

Did it fall to you in the end?

If so: huge thanks again!

We need to bring in a new system… I’ll fire some energy into that.

(Dermot Jones) #1116

Thanks to @platinumnqueen22 for hosting last week.

@andreas_varotsis is on the Rota for tonight’s biscuit-fest. Andreas: any projects or dreams to share with social meeja?

(Andreas Varotsis) #1117

Right now, barely anything! It might be worth saying I’m planning on using the evening to play with our (newly upgraded!) 3d printer than can now print all sorts of fun stuff…

(Niall Casey) #1118

I’m happy to help with this, although I don’t really know my way around myself much yet.

(Dermot Jones) #1119

@members the open evening Rota needs you

Please head over and put yourself down to host a date in April or May

We especially need someone to step up and host tonight

Anyone looking for shutter access: hosting an open evening counts heavily in your favour, and is likely to become a prerequisite for getting shutter access

(Charlotte Couttie) #1120

Hey, I plan to be at the space this evening so I can help out. But I thought we weren’t taking on new members?

(Dermot Jones) #1121

That would be great!

We’re still open to new members. And will still be open for visitors after that

(Charlotte Couttie) #1122

Ok cool :slight_smile:

(Dermot Jones) #1123

Any project plans images we can share with Facebook/Twitter?

(Charlotte Couttie) #1124

Hmm nothing that I have finished…