Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Dermot Jones) #1085

Yes, @rosszeibari has shutter access

(Ross Zeibari) #1086

I’ll take a few pics for sure Dermot

(Ross Zeibari) #1087

Elliot & Jonty, see you down there…not doubt it will be an ice box

(Elliot Duffy) #1088

Sorry, running a bit late. There shortly.

(Dermot Jones) #1089

How was it?

(Elliot Duffy) #1090

I think it went well, tour 1 had 5 people - including 3 displaced hackspacers, who seemed impressed with the space and the tools (both the tools themselves and how they were kept). Tour 2 was only made up of one person, she seemed interested too. I think we may see some signup action…

(Dermot Jones) #1091

@Jonty_Bottomley stepped forward at last night’s members meeting to host tonight.

Jonty: any pictures/information about you that we can share on our Facebook/Twitter/MySpace platforms?

(Kasper Powles) #1092


Is there an open evening running tonight? I’m looking to come down for the first time and have a look.


(Dermot Jones) #1093

Yes: from 7:30, with a tour usually around 7:45

(Kasper Powles) #1094

Great, thanks.
I’ll be there.


(Jonty Bottomley) #1095

I make jewellery, bags and display cases amongst other things…

(Greg Bailey ) #1096


I was hoping to come down for the open evening later but didn’t see one scheduled on the rota, is there one happening? Apologies if this is in the wrong thread, it’s my first post.


(Sarah Jones) #1097

Hi Greg, yes it happens every Wednesday, don’t worry! We’ve got a bit behind with updating the rota but someone will be there to say hi and show you round.

(Dermot Jones) #1098

And on that note…

We need a host, or hosts for tonight! Last week was pretty busy, but ably hosted by @Jonty_Bottomley

We need someone for tonight – and don’t forget to tell me if you have an Etsy type store to promote, or any interests/photos to share with our 2.3k+ followers on Twitter.

(Greg Bailey ) #1099

Great, thanks!

(Dermot Jones) #1100

@members we would love a host for tonight’s Open Evening

(Dermot Jones) #1101

(Dermot Jones) #1102

Hi Greg,

So… at present we don’t have anyone to host tonight, so unless you’re in the area anyway there’s a risk you might turn up and find the Space closed.

(Dermot Jones) #1103

We’ve had enquiries about tonight’s Open Evening, but so far I’ve put people off due to not having any hosts.

This is a bit disappointing: part of our ethos is to be open and welcoming.

(Mark Johnson) #1104

I am here now Dermot