Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Dermot Jones) #1045

Thanks. We need a new approach to get members to commit to keeping the Space open to visitors.

(Nico de Jong) #1046

I am going to try and be there most Wednesdays for the open evenings.

(Dermot Jones) #1047

Maybe we should record an audio tour like they have in a museum?

(Dermot Jones) #1048

Before I @ the life out of everyone. @nico.dejong.nzdid you say you we’re around to host tonight? As you’ve done a lot of them it would be nice if someone else could share the laid a bit.

(Nico de Jong) #1049

Sorry the tag didn’t work so have only just seen this message.

I am willing to do it no worries

(Dermot Jones) #1050

Yeah, fat finger typing.

I’m happy to put out the call for tonight. I’m sure there’s other things you’d rather be getting on with?

(Dermot Jones) #1051

@members – it’s that time again!

We’re looking for a member (or two) to host this Wednesday – and sign up for future Open Evenings. It’s an easy way to give a little back to the Makerspace – just be there to welcome guests and show them around a bit.

We have a very good guide that gives a tried and tested way of doing it – or you can bring your own style: maybe a making activity or some kind of demo? Up to you really.

Being open and welcoming is part of our DNA, and being a host enables us to welcome in groups of guests without unduly disrupting the making activities of members in the Space.

Who’ll answer the call?

(Benjamin Hobson) #1052

I’ll be there on an induction with Chris Naxxfish during the open eve but will arrive earlier to help clear /set up.

(Matine Chabrier) #1053

I can help if needed?

(Dermot Jones) #1054

Hi @Matine are you happy to host tonight?

If you are so you have a project photo and/or anything about your maker interests that you’re happy to have shared on social media?

(Matine Chabrier) #1055

Hi @Dermot Yes I can host tonight. Ah actually I was going to post my finished drawers on discourse since lots of people saw my struggles with them, I thought I’d post the finished piece. I’ll post it up today and you can grab it from there?

(Nico de Jong) #1056

I’ll also post on our Instagram if you don’t mind?

(Matine Chabrier) #1057

@Dermot Yep sure feel free to post on the socials. I wrote a project post here My finished drawers!

(Nico de Jong) #1058

Do you have Instagram? I can then tag your user.

(Matine Chabrier) #1059

@matineeeey :slightly_smiling_face:

(Dermot Jones) #1060

How was it last week?

(Dermot Jones) #1061

@members Open Evening has come round once again, almost like clockwork.

So… who’ll spend and hour or two showing off our brilliant Space?

(Charlotte Couttie) #1062

Hey, I could do tomorrow ? Is it 7.30?

(Matine Chabrier) #1063

Last week went well! Around 10 people

(Dermot Jones) #1064

Here’s the guide, you don’t have to follow it slavishly, in particular the bins stay in the garden now…

Usually best to be there by 7 to be ready for guests at 7:30.

You’ll need someone with shutter access to be there too?