Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Chris) #1025

I should be about , so fear not :slight_smile: I’ve only done it a couple of times before but it’s not too tricky !

(Dermot Jones) #1026

Is it really that time again? We need a host for tonight folks!

(Dermot Jones) #1027

(Dermot Jones) #1028

Adding an @members here as we really need a host for tonight, and future Wednesdays…

(Nico de Jong) #1029

I can do tonight!

(Dermot Jones) #1030


(Dermot Jones) #1031

(Nico de Jong) #1032

If you need content, heres a 3D printed water jet boat engine I 3D printed…

(Dermot Jones) #1033

You got there before I asked!

When did you make this? And…where’s the boat?

(Nico de Jong) #1034

I made it towards end of last year. It is still a prototype, a design I modified from thingyverse.

However I am modelling my own complete design and plan to build the boat also.


(Dermot Jones) #1035

Will you be demoing it tonight?

(Nico de Jong) #1036

Ahh unfortunately not, missing some vital parts im afraid!

The next version I will demo :slight_smile:

(Benjamin Hobson) #1037

Ill be there tonight.

(Dermot Jones) #1038

How was the open evening?

(Nico de Jong) #1039

Can’t do this week but will definitely do next week!

(Paul Court) #1040

Hello @members,

Yes its that time of the week - can anyone host the open night tonight ?

Weather is looking lousy so may not be that busy but it would be good to have someone available to show people about if they do make the effort to come.

its not too hard, no experience necessary just a smile, do quick tours and chat about the space from your own experience.


(Nico de Jong) #1041

I am still at the office but should be able to make it for 7:30

(Nico de Jong) #1042

Just at Blackfriars now but train is delayed so won’t make 7:30

I will pop by anyway

(Dermot Jones) #1043

Did you make it down? Was anything happening?

(Nico de Jong) #1044

Made it down but was 30mins late, gave 2 lads a tour around. One of them said that there was a large group waiting but they had all gone by the time I arrived sorry.