Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Dermot Jones) #1005

I think it was a misunderstanding: padlocks are working fine – thankfully. We’ve got a few recycling bags now, but they can wait till next week.

(Dermot Jones) #1006

David @inmandmk is hosting tonight.

Usual request: do you have any fitting photos/interests/biographical details we can share on social media?

(Paul Court) #1007

Before the call goes out and as I haven’t done it for a while, I’m looking to host the Open Night tomorrow. anyone fancy helping out ?


(Pete Hellyer) #1008

Quite likely I’ll be in the space with joe, can help out if needed but likely waist deep in a project

(Dermot Jones) #1009

I saw that you’d signed up so held off the call!

And photos/titbits to share on the information superhighway?

(Paul Court) #1010

What about the xmas laser pieces I cut the other day - on topic on all fronts ! (accept the laser is down :frowning:


(Paul Court) #1011

(Paul Court) #1012

very quite last night, there were three guys in the space when I arrived and that was it for the evening (think most people are on the countdown to Christmas)

They were mainly interested in the woodwork areas I believe but did have a look round the other areas and at the projects that were ongoing, all had ideas for their own projects and were looking for space to work. They spent about an hour with us in the end.


(Steve Leo Ranson) #1013


I am Steve and I’m new to Makerspace, I was wondering if anyone will be around tomorrow evening for an open evening?



(Dale Connolly) #1014


There should be. We have an open evening every Wednesday and I haven’t heard anything to the contrary, so there should be people down from 7.30 onwards.

(Dermot Jones) #1015

Anyone around to host this week? Courtys experience last week was that it was nice and quiet.

(Dermot Jones) #1016

(Dermot Jones) #1017

Looks like we don’t have a host for tonight, so I guess it’s down to members at the space tonight to make any guest feel welcome. We’re not expecting it to be busy this close to Christmas…

(Dermot Jones) #1018

We had a good and enthusiastic crowd down last week – meant to post about it, but ran short of time…a fair proportion of woodwork fans, couple of people particularly interested in screen printing (thanks @cibelesoaresalvareng for telling all about your area) and some electronics fans too. Felt like a high number of likely sign-up. With the laser induction and various members working there was a good buzz about the place.

(Dermot Jones) #1019

@members we need you!

Open Evening rears its beauteous head once more, and we need members to sign up to host on this and future Wednesdays. Hosting is an excellent way to contribute to the running of the space, and we have an excellent guide to how to do it – which you can either follow or ignore…the main thing is to welcome our guests and show them around a bit.

There was quite a crowd last week, so we should assume the same new-year enthusiasm might apply this week: we had about 12 guests last time.

So: who’ll step forward?

(Benjamin Hobson) #1020

I’ll come to be shown around tomorrow so I can support in the future. Currently I have not been inducted on anything or shown around by anyone, ever ;).

I can pass on my enthusiasm for the potential of joining.

(Garret Smyth) #1021

What time does the / do the host(s) have to be there?

(Chris) #1022

I’m about tomorrow evening, although I’m hoping to be working on the Membership Kiosk , if lots of people turn up I’m happy to do an overflow tour if it’s too much for one person to handle!

(Tom Newsom) #1023

We advertise 19:30 to guests, so aim to be there 30m earlier to make sure there’s no hideous mess that will impede the tour.

Full instructions for hosting: How to host Open Evening

(Garret Smyth) #1024

I’m planning on being there tomorrow evening, so I could help out but I should mention that I’ve only been there about six times in total so may be a bit too new to be in charge. I know what most of the stuff is for etc but I doubt if I could answer any difficult questions, and someone else would have to open and lock up. I think I can manage making tea though!