Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(cibelesoaresalvareng) #985

Thank you @laurent_muchacho it was a pleasure to meet you and help a little bit last night and the opportunity to been around your tour, it was very good. , Yes in deed the open evening was buzzing wit a mix of promising interesting makers.

(cibelesoaresalvareng) #986

And the Shuko Eaton is the Japanese girl interest in doing silicon food casts/ moulding, she said she found the right people to do her ideas.

(laurent_muchacho) #987

Indeed those sushi phone case look awesome. Really hope she join up and teach us some of those awesome skills.

(Dermot Jones) #988

@members we need a host with the most tonight!

After @Courty’s barnstorming appearance on Radio 5 Live we may have a mini stampede… OTOH it might just be a normal open evening.

Anywhichway…we do need someone to welcome our maker-curious guests.

Newish members: this is an ideal chance to earn some brownie points towards getting shutter access. And in general it’s a great way to contribute to – and show off – the space

(Jack Derrick) #989

Happy to help if I can?

(EdwardBilson) #990

I am going to be around and am happy to help out a bit, but I’ve got quite a bit of varnishing to do…

(Gareth Knight) #991

flying to Miami tomorrow, otherwise would be there…
will try for next one.

(Charlotte Couttie) #992

Hey I can do it tonight, I’m still pretty fresh to the space but don’t mind at all

(Dermot Jones) #993

@Jackd and @charlottecou shall we let you fight it out for hosting tonight?

There’s a pretty good guide to hosting – I’ll get the link in a minute. Although you’re free to host in whatever way you want: just need to be welcoming and impart a bit of info…and as we always say: no one knows everything about the Makerspace, so be comfortable in not knowing and getting members who are there to chip in…

(Dermot Jones) #994

Note: only recycling bags with :First Mile’ printed on them go out by the front gate. Clear bags go in the wheelie bins and are collected from the space. Padlock code:0000

(Charlotte Couttie) #995

Haha @Jackd sorry I clicked through on email and missed your post you can do it - I’m just down the road so give me a bell if you need extra hands :slight_smile:

(Jack Derrick) #996

Hi Dermot / Charlotte,

I am happy to do it. I needed to drop by one evening anyway. All seems pretty straight forward,

Obvs don’t have shutter access but presuming there will be people around before and still after!

(Dermot Jones) #997


Yes, there’ll be members around.

I’ll be doing a tweet/FB post…do you have anything to share? Interests/images?

(Jack Derrick) #998

I haven’t taken a single picture in SLMS!

I’m currently turning a 40mm slab of oak into a jewellery box.

Hard to see how that could be of much interest to new prospects! :confused: might be best to do something generic and I’ll talk up some good projects people have completed.

(Dermot Jones) #999

That’s certainly interesting!

(cibelesoaresalvareng) #1000

She just did, we coming tonight to the Makerspace.

(Jack Derrick) #1001

Open evening went well, 5 showed up for it. 1 had already signed up yesterday, I gave him a key fob. I think his name was Mike???

3 verbally said they would be signing up

The last one lives in Malaysia and is part of a group setting up a similar project there.

Would it be an idea to have a log of the people that come to the open evening?

Another lady Shuko also showed up at the end, was at last weeks open evening - has since signed up and I gave her a key fob too with details of what to do.

I couldn’t do the bins as the padlocks are both jammed @CriticalTolerance said to leave them as they are.

(Dermot Jones) #1002

Thanks for this.

Just a note: wheelie bins were just emptied by our waste contractor on Monday…0000 didn’t work? Hard to think that anyone else handled the padlocks since then…

P.S. did the recycling go out though?

(Jack Derrick) #1003

No, I’m sorry it all got left as it was.

(Dermot Jones) #1004

Okay, I think there’s only two bags of recycling. Can wait till next week. Will look at padlocks later