Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Dale Connolly) #965

It’s a limit, not a target…

(Dermot Jones) #966

The 140 was definitely a target!

(Dale Connolly) #967

Here’s my partially made nativity.

(Dale Connolly) #968

Anyone know the latest rubbish bin/bag procedure to follow on a Wednesday night? Seen so many versions and amendments that I’m hopelessly lost!

(Dermot Jones) #969

Yes: recycling in ‘Red’ First Mile bags go out just inside the main gates.

Other rubbish, in clear bags goes in the wheelie bins in the garden: Code: 0000

(Dale Connolly) #970

5 visitors. 2 females, 3 males. Can’t remember names. Interested in pretty much everything. Seemed positive and expect a few sign ups.
Wheelie bins completely full and as of 9.10pm first mile hadn’t collected recycling.
Sorry it’s brief. I’ve a terrible headache. Night all.

(Dermot Jones) #971

First mile don’t collect the bins, just the red bags. I’ll get Quantum onto the bins… however there was a bit of an invoice SNAFU that I’m working to resolve…was trying to sort that before moving forward.

(Chanelle) #972

Just a reminder next week Weds I will be hosting a repair cafe style evening where people can drop in with the ripped jeans, moth bitten jumpers, and anything else that may need repairing and I will try my best to offer a mended solution from darning to patchwork techniques.

We will also have @laurent_muchacho assisting with sewing machine skills and guidance on how to take up trousers and jeans.

Hope to see some of you next Weds.

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(Dale Connolly) #973

Awesome. I have a pair of trousers I’d like to reinforce the seams on. To date I’ve grabbed a needle and thread and gone at it that way. Would love to know the best way to do them on the sewing machine. Will definitely pop along to tap into your collective wisdom!

(Dermot Jones) #974

We should make sure the sewing machines are in good order by then? @textilestechs? @SilverNel cleaned out the Bernina, but it didn’t solve the problems, plus the main Janome is playing up too…

(Esther Gladstone) #975

I’ll be up this afternoon so will have a look and call about then

(Chanelle) #976

Oh yeah - I’ll be in over the weekend. I’ll prioritise looking at the machines. I’ve had success in the past, hopefully o can get them up and running again. Failing that we have a working handcrank and singer converted handcrank machine and I could bring a more modern machine from home.

That said I’m hoping there will be people interested in ther art of hand repair techniques.

(Esther Gladstone) #977

The Janome seems to be up and running again and the Bernina, the tension is better but not perfect.

(Chanelle) #978

Amazing - thanks Esther!

(Mariam ) #979

I’m soso sorry but I can’t host tonight, my mum’s suddenly become very ill and I have look after her. So sorry again and hope someone can welcome visitors xx

(Dermot Jones) #980

@StudioNelle @laurent_muchacho we don’t have anyone down as open evening hosts tonight…but you guys are doing sewing/repair cafe deeds…do you need someone to host too? I can’t make tonight.

I’m doing some social media soon, I’ll call it an open evening with a difference…

(Dermot Jones) #981

Hey, that’s totally understandable!

(laurent_muchacho) #982

I can jump on doing the tour and give the relevant info to anyone who’ll show up. This should only block me from the sewing repair initiative.

How that sound?

(Dermot Jones) #983

Sounds perfect.

(laurent_muchacho) #984

Feedback from last night: Well a really awesome evening for my part and I hope @cibelesoaresalvareng too. The evening was pretty busy with good dozen interested maker of various background came for the tour. At least 4 verbally confirmed they will be joining.
So Thanks everyone who came last night it was great to meet you and hopefully we’ll see each other again.

Note to members: Paul from the film festival dropped by and left posters and leaflets and mentioned something about a food bank initiative. Might be worth getting in touch