Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Dermot Jones) #945

(Twm Davies) #946

Dermot. I can host today as long as the space is open (I don’t have shutter access).

(Pete Hellyer) #947

I suspect there will be someone there, but equally, drop a post in the #admin:shutter-request category and tag a few members you know (I’m afraid directors traditionally don’t nominate for shutter access) and maybe we can get shutter access worked out for you :slight_smile:

(Mark Johnson) #948

@Twm yes post asking for shutter access I will +1

(Dermot Jones) #949

@Twm any project photos or interests we can share on social media?

(Dermot Jones) #950

(Twm Davies) #951

I have a couple of woodwork/laser projects below.
Interests are hand tools, particularly Japanese carpentry and am working on some health related projects at the moment.

(Twm Davies) #952

Should be there by 19:10 latest thanks to dismal trains.

(Dermot Jones) #953

Good stuff. Bin arrangement is different than the open evening guide: branded First Mile recycling bags go by the front gate, clear rubbish bags go in the wheelie bins…not sure there are any full recycling bags this week through…

(Beth Slater) #954


(Twm Davies) #955

12 people attended with equal gender mix.
80% interested in woodwork and some interest in laser, Metalwork, textiles.
High interest in signing up.

Left over beer, Fanta and bus yes in the kitchen.

(Dermot Jones) #956

@dsikar is hosting tomorrow.

Daniel: any projects/interests/images we can share with your fans?

(Daniel Sikar) #957

Xmas lights!

Kinect braiding hands’ tracking!

9 degrees of freedom IOT sensor glove!

Last one for the road - raspberry pi zero w webcam

(Chanelle) #958

Dermot I’ll be hosting a sewing meetup also - if anyone turns up as I’m diverting away from Hackspace. Activity on the night diy socks

(Dermot Jones) #959

Excellent: so can guests stay and make a sock or two?

(Chanelle) #960

Yes, they will however need to contribute a donation for fabric and materials suggested £5.

(Daniel Sikar) #961

Cold 1st of November we had a total of 7 visitors - Richard and Georgia, Arno and Denise, Lorn and Rupert and on his own for the occasion, Helge.

Richard builds cardboard models by day and is looking at woodworking, of which he has a foundation from his school years. Georgia was dragged along and has an interest in screen printing, having printed her own wallpaper in the past. Arno does 3D modelling (Houdini being his main tool) and is interested in woodworking and anything else he may pick up along the way, as was Denise. Lorn asked about the general booking system, storage and use of equipment, while Rupert is a graphical designer and was looking at making things, from woodworking to electrical, hoping to get some guidance along the way. Helge is a mechanical engineer by day and having moved into the area is interested in making optimal use of a second bedroom with some electro-mechanical furniture.

Thanks to @StudioNelle for talking to our guests about her textile activities and @CriticalTolerance for a superb run down of the woodworking facilities as well as the general running of the space. @Barnaby_Coote was looking good in Makerspace overalls working on moving image motion control equipment in the metal working corner .

Big props to whoever cleaned the space and put the sign out.

(Dermot Jones) #962

Ed @CriticalTolerance is hosting tonight.

Ed…the usual question…any images/maker-o-graphical details to share with Facebook and Twitter Space fans?

(EdwardBilson) #963

How about (yet another) bed picture, this time with completed headboard?

Otherwise I have one of the pantorouter:

(Dermot Jones) #964

Dale, @DAC17 is hosting this week.

Dale, you’re not social media shy, what do you want me to share with our FB and Twitter fans? We probably have 280 characters to play with this week.