Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Dermot Jones) #925

I’m wondering if we might make hosting more of a range of offers…

  • full hosting, where you’re there all evening, do the tour – sometimes several times – then ensure other members are able to get on with projects without too much interruption.

  • minimum viable hosting, where you open up and welcome the early arrivals, give a tour at 7:45 and pretty much leave it to general members to be friendly and welcoming.

  • some other offer…for example: Remakery always have some sort of making activity to participate in for their open evenings, as I understand I…

Note: I’m specifically not bringing the subject up of whether we should have open evenings/their frewusne etc. This is thoughts about making what we have now work more smoothly.

(Mark Johnson) #926

Dare I suggest that those with shutter access and have not done an open evening be listed and asked to step up ?

(Pete Hellyer) #927

Almost tempted to say it should be a pre-req for keyholders as well as a space-induction (with the caveat, that you should discuss with the directors if that is a problem).

This does mean that we would need non-keyholders to be shadowed by a keyholder for their first open evening.

(Dale Connolly) #928


The first weds I can do is 15th Nov.

Will endeavour to collar someone with more experience down there beforehand (@lewisss I’m looking at you!) so I can fill my own knowledge gaps and hopefully avoid any embarrassing situations where I’m giving out duff info to potential members!

(Tom Newsom) #929

“I don’t know”, “Ask on Discourse” or “Here’s a leaflet” are always valid answers :slight_smile:

(Dermot Jones) #930

Or “Here’s ***** they can answer better than me”

******meaning Mark of course…I’m sure he’s been called worse.

Other ***** are available.

(Sarah Jones) #931

I stopped wanting to host when the clean room had got so dirty that I didn’t feel proud of the space any more. It can also feel like the open evening host is the only person who does any general cleaning all week. I’m not saying that’s a fact, just that it feels that way enough to maybe be putting people off.

I think getting the floor sorted and then finding a regular cleaner to do Wednesday afternoons would make hosting open evening much more enjoyable and less of a chore.

(Rachel Hardwick) #932

At least we spotted them on the sofa in the end! they seemed very interested and said they’d be in touch.

Sorry, I can’t remember any of their names.

(Dermot Jones) #933

Ahh dear @members I don’t like using that handle, however we do need someone to host this week – and future weeks…

Our adoring public wants to know what we do.

Why not be the one to show them

(Chanelle) #934

I can do tomorrow - I thought I had put my name down.

And a big thank you to the all the members using the space over the past week for keeping it pretty clear and tidy in all areas - making hosting less of a chore and more of added bonus.

(Dermot Jones) #935


(Dermot Jones) #936

Any photos, interesting facts to tell Space fans on social media?

(ben hyde) #937

hi Chanelle

i am going to pop down later - what time will there be someone there from?

ben h.

(Chanelle) #938

I’m not sure but I should be there latest 7ish.

(Chanelle) #939

Umm I was a finalist in the Great British Sewing Bee Auditions - but cut at the final stage :frowning:

I enjoy fusing old traditional techniques with modern technologies. Such as saddle stitching leather but using laser cut designs.

(Chanelle) #940

I would be up for hosting mending night in November for a making activity style open evening. Learn to mend jeans, knitwear cover stains etc

Could also do a get to know your sewing machine style session where you learn to thread an over locker, modern domestic sewing machine and vintage sewing machine. Which would also act as a mini induction on space sewing machines they can make a very small something to have a play on machines.

(ben hyde) #941

ok - thanks for letting me know

c u later


(Chanelle) #942

Just a quick update:

We had a total of 9 attendees.

Harry - interested in electronics/textiles/metal works generally interested in expressing his creativity in whichever way the space can accommodate.

Charlotte - interested in woodwork and screen printing and general textiles

Naomi and baby Micha interested in laser cutting/sewing/building skills in CAD design for laser cutting acrylic motifs

Jenny - Sewing

Elizabeth - 3D printing

Ama - Woodwork

Tom - prototyping/electronics/metalworks ?

Ben - didn’t catch there interest

Arthur - didn’t catch there interest

(Dermot Jones) #943

Yes, me again @members

We need a host (or two) for tonight’s Maker-curious visitors.

Turnout of guests has been strong recently, and last week men were in the minority…which is a positive sign for getting a more even gender balance.

It’s great when members volunteer, but we really need more to come forward and support this: being open to visitors is core to Makerspace.

We also realise it can be daunting, and a have a very good guide to hosting… But in essence it’s: welcome everyone, perhaps get them introduce themselves/chat, and show them around. There’s always experienced members in hand to fill in details or show off their area of knowledge , and you’re not expected to know every detail of how the space works…I don’t think anyone does…

Next week we have @dsikar hosting, and two weeks later @DAC17, so we really need heroes for tonight, 1st November, and future dates.

Thank you in advance!

(EdwardBilson) #944

Tonight I can’t help with, but happy to put name down for the first of November.