Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Dermot Jones) #639

@jackiekeane is our host tonight, join her if you want to learn the ropes of hosting an open evening.

And folks please have a look at your diaries and considered hosting an open evening: it’s fun and rewarding.

Think on this: we have approx 200 members – if everyone hosted just once on rotation we’d only do one evening each every four years…

(Tom Newsom) #640

Note: I dropped by on my way home but forgot to turn the lights off, which is why they’re still on.

(JK) #641

Note: forgot to bring out the bag of rubbish that’s now by the bin, sorry guys n gals!

No guests tonight, whether the weather? Good to meet new members in the space and big thanks to @Kostas for doing woodshop paperwork with @joeatkin2.

Got home early :slight_smile:

(JK) #642

Hoping to move out of London b4 then!

(Dermot Jones) #643

No guests? It’s so unpredictable!!! 15+ last week.

Open Evening is a strange beast…

(PaulY) #644

i think it was on the members meeting agenda to discuss strategies around member numbers. was there any discussion about that? have the minutes from that meeting been published yet? where any conclusions reached? was there any talk about running the open evenings less frequently?

(Dermot Jones) #645

In essence:

  • member numbers to be reviewed at next meeting

  • hard to know what numbers we can handle without working facilities: we don’t know at what point the wood workshop will be overwhelmed because it’s not in use yet. This kind if thing makes discussion of ideal numbers pretty academic.

  • running open evening less frequently was mentioned. Going with weekly for time being

  • notes from meeting? Thanks for the reminder. Tomorrow at the latest.

(JK) #646

It’s a sidestep from Open Evening but the minutes of the meeting are good to see, as it’s a month to month meeting, the minutes are best shared a week or 2 after to the members.

To be fair @directors are busy busy bees and if help is needed to transcribe/etc., then there are many qualified and skilled members who I’m sure would be happy contribute.

A big shout out to those who are able to provide their skills and knowledge to grow Maker Space!

(Dermot Jones) #647

Me again!

Looking for hosts to host upcoming open evenings – starting with this Wednesday.

Particularly encouraging female members to step forward and host: we were averaging approx 2.5:1 ratio of male to female signups going up to Christmas, but recently it’s been about 8:1. We don’t have any information on why this happened. However the feedback has always been that if prospective female members see others like themselves in the space they will be more likely to feel at home with us.

Hosting is a fun way to support the Makerspace: and it’s not a tough job – we have a comprehensive guide to doing it. Plus the people who come to visit always bring their infectious curiosity.

I’m giving this an @members to spice it up a bit

(Simon Thompson) #648

I can do tomorrow night but am, alas, not female. Does anybody want to team up?

(Dermot Jones) #649

Thanks Simon!

(Barnaby Coote) #650

I just got back to london and haven’t hosted for a while, I’m up for it if we’re in need of a second member!

(Dermot Jones) #651

Incredibly hard to predict numbers: two weeks ago 15 guests, last week – due to half term??? – zero guests.

(Barnaby Coote) #652

Ok i’ll be down to help whatever happens, i’ve been away for a bit so worst case i’ll be able to have a peek at the new lathe we bought!!

(Simon Thompson) #653

@Barnaby_Coote and I hosted about a dozen or so people last night, all very impressed by what was available and seemingly eager to be a part of it. Interests ranged from Arduino to Latex, thanks to @lewisss and others for fielding various questions.


(Tom Newsom) #654

Gender split?

(Jonathan Kobylanski) #655

I’m more than happy to help out…
I know there is the fender split thing so i’m not putting my name down but I’m happy to take on at on a month if that helps

(Mark Johnson) #656

2-10 female to male I think

(Ana Reyes) #657

I’m sorry Mark Lola is not feeling well. I’m going to be home this morning maybe come to the space later

(Dermot Jones) #658

Great…we’re trying to get a fairer representation of our membership by having more female members host open evenings, but all members are welcome – more than welcome – to host!

P.S. we’re looking for a host for this week…