Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Daniel Sikar) #619

If you need any made stuff for social networking here’s Chanelle’s sign prototype:

(Dermot Jones) #620

Exactly what’s needed!

(JK) #621

wow, what is that! @StudioNelle, is that for your work? Bloody brilliant, I love it.

(JK) #622

On an Open Evening tip, I visited all the arches down to Croxted Road today and met Steve and Milly from

Omg, what lovely folk, they are Set Design artists for a variety of very interesting clients. Milly would like to join Maker Space and both her and Steve want to be involved, perhaps as a reciprocal arrangement and who knows where this good thing could lead to. My feeling of them is pure positive.

(JK) #623

Incredibly, whilst chatting with Steve and Milly from a guy James rocked up looking for Maker Space!

Says he will be at the open evening tonight.

(Dermot Jones) #624

@simonthompson99 is down to host tonight. Be generous with the alternative facts during the tour…

(Simon Thompson) #625

I did sign some Executive Orders whilst I was down there and built a wall or two, seemed churlish not to really.

Open evening last night was a very congenial affair, there were eight visitors interested in a variety of things and at various stages of membership. As usual, there was a lot of interest in (and admiration of) the wood workshop, one question that was raised that I wasn’t able to answer was whether it was open to general use if members brought along their own hand tools and took advantage of a nice workbench with a proper vice etc. Perhaps @woodtechs could answer this - if I’ve been inducted on one of the tools then presumably I can use that tool but does that mean I can use the general space (but not the other tools) too? Or maybe some of the hand tools can be used by anyone without an induction?

(Tom Newsom) #626

Hand tools don’t need an induction (unless I missed a memo)

(laurent_muchacho) #627

Managed to get some free time tomorrow evening and will be the sidekick host as I need to get up to speed again

(Daniel Sikar) #628

I’ll try to bring my latest make the IOT Trike:

(Chanelle) #629

yay…it worked then!

(Daniel Sikar) #630!!!

(Daniel Sikar) #631

@dermot I will have to pull out of open evening hosting duties sorry feeling a bit under the weather. @laurent_muchacho sorry to drop you in it.

(laurent_muchacho) #632

I’m on my way just grabbing food

(Dermot Jones) #633

@members the rota needs you! Open Evening Rota

We’ve had a great run of sign ups to host over the last six weeks, but now the calendar is empty. So here I am back to nag/cajole…

We’re really hoping some of our female members will step forward to host or co-host: the consensus is that this is more welcoming for female guests and more likely to lead to new female members joining.

We have a very good guide on how to host, plus you will bring your own uniqueness to what is a fun and engaging evening.

It’s worth running around the space to check where everything is too.

As always if anyone wants to do an activity or show n tell, then that always enriches the evening.

(JK) #634

Am happy to do next week :slight_smile:

(Dermot Jones) #635

Thanks Jackie!

Now we need someone for tomorrow night’s Open Evening!

(Dermot Jones) #636

Giving this a bump. We are now officially looking for a hero to step up and host tonight’s Open Evening.

(Dermot Jones) #637

One final push on this. Are you available to show off our beautiful space tonight to our maker-curious guests?

(Dermot Jones) #638

My turn to be the hero!

A very good night. About 15 guests! 4:1 male to female split roughly.

A spread of interests, but much centred on the wood shop. Some very knowledgeable guests: I got them to explain some of the equipment. Felt like quite a few sign-ups among them. But hard to tell of course.

P.S. we need to replace the cafetiere, unless anyone knows where the one I donated went to?

And a new combination padlock for the green bin…now the home to much donated rubbish…