Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Dermot Jones) #579

Any demos on tonight? If so it’s good to give them a mention in our social media onslaught…

(Chanelle) #580

I can do a silkscreen demo with @pip ?

(Dermot Jones) #581

That would be great!

(Neil Thomson) #582

Yep see you there

(Dermot Jones) #583

Can hosts make sure the First Mile bags are put out beside the green bin? Seems like the green BIM hasn’t been getting emptied recently?

(Chanelle) #584

Yes - already done.

(Chanelle) #585

We had 5 attendees tonight.

Ki - interested in using the laser cutter to create a pub-style game. His background is in video game design.

Dexter - interested in seeing a Makerspace in operation. Dexter lives in Richmond and advised there is nothing remotely close by for creatives to meet and make. in that part of London.

Anna - interested in woodshop has a background in printing and textiles among other things. Currently training for her PGCE. She has offered to donate some silkscreen mesh along with a vacuum mold. Anna is already a member and posted about running some workshops in textiles.

Gary - is interested in using the electronic area. He works alongside Makerspaces across the world through his work with the British Council as a light and audio installation artist. Ironically he stated he had never actually joined and made his own projects in a Makerspace.

Jaccob - came along later, very much interested in 3D printing. His background is in t-shirt printing and has a wealth of knowledge from his time making and printing t-shirts.

We listened to Brazillian jazz whilst chatting and nibbling on mince pies.

During the tour, guest witnessed Simon etching personalised napkin holders, a display of screen print projects along with the usually tour of the space.

Thank you to @frasco for leading the hosting!

(Dermot Jones) #586

We need a host for this week’s open evening.

In the past we’ve tried to cancel open evening over Christmas, but found that people usually turn up anyway. I’ll put myself down for next week, but can’t do this week.

(Daniel Sikar) #587

I’ll do it.

(Dermot Jones) #588

You’ve got your eye on that league table!!!

Will your guitar be making an appearance?

(Daniel Sikar) #589

You mind reader!
I’ll bring the guitar - trailer will have to be left in snug overnight?

(Dermot Jones) #590

I think that’s a fair trade?

(Dermot Jones) #591

I’ve tweeted and FB’d…

And nagged first mile for not collecting the bins properly for the last two weeks so please be sure to getiting all the bags out (the bin and existing bags are just by the gates

(Dermot Jones) #592

@dsikar any links to your guitar project, or plans to write it up? Marc is asking via Twitter

EDIT: that’s Marc from London Arduino. He says you’d be welcome to go and talk about it at one of their meetups!

(Mark Johnson) #593

I may be about to assist tonight

(Pete Hellyer) #594

I would love to see a write up!

(Daniel Sikar) #595

Documentation so far: photos and code.

The plan is mechanical, embedded, cloud and app improved documentation (including write up) to follow in the new year.

100% up for a talk anytime. The later the better as I am still “teaching” it some songs :wink:

(Dermot Jones) #596

If you’re on hand that would be…
handy… Very unpredictable visitor numbers at the moment. Might be, ten, might be two…

(JK) #597


That’s 1 groovy guitar! Your photos are great, excellent organisation of the process in terms of what is required to make it and includes assembly as well as tests.

Did you do an arts or other degree or are you just a very organised person? I say this as documenting an entire project process is precisely what’s required for any kind of graduate course and that part is as much work as the hugely time consuming course curriculum and this is what you’re doing. I’m sure the programming/coding part is just as good.

Do you have a note/work book? These are always my favourite part of people’s work - sooo interesting, they are art in themselves, sometimes they are very beautiful. The way you’re documenting is the current way of working to gain any course.

Has the ‘Self Playing Guitar’ made any music yet? What’s it gonna play?

Love it Daniel.

(Toby Harris) #598

Without wishing to distract from the amazing achievement, what is that workshop and event in the photos?