Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Chanelle) #559

Opps forget I said a thing then. Problem solved. Am I not down to cover any future sessions?

(Dermot Jones) #560

Not yet!

(Chanelle) #561

I think I said I can cover for the 14 Dec some time ago, can I be put down to host then?

(Dermot Jones) #562

Great. I’ve put you in.

(Chanelle) #563

Great! Would also like to do a bemo on using the over locker and Bernina.

(JK) #564

How do I access the wikiedit for Open Evening without having to go through the entire thread?

I originally signed up for one more, now that I’ve missed one, I will edit myself in again.

(Pete Hellyer) #565

Click the numbers below and hit ‘top’ and You will be magically transported back to the beginning.


(JK) #566

What numbers?..

(Pete Hellyer) #567

Just below here, there’s a red box that says 549/550 or some other number that more accurately relates to the length of this thread. It’s got two little arrows next to it. Click on that :slight_smile:

(JK) #568

mmm, the red box below just says ‘reply’, which is for me, currently the same as a ‘reply to all’ in an email, there are no numbers mentioned.

(Tom Newsom) #569

The rota is in its own thread in #events

Ps, we should cancel the open evening between Xmas and NYE?

(Dermot Jones) #570

I was wondering about this too.

(JK) #571

Thanks Tom, have book marked that now

(JK) #572

Stefano @stefanoromano and Sarah @SarahJ I hope the session was ok for you both and that it went well. Thank you.

I’ve got coffee from Monmouth cus I know Stefano likes good coffee and got some really nice biscuits for you Sarah, I hope you like and will enjoy them. Coffee n Biscuits are a little bit of Heaven. Actually I think Coffee n Cake is the Rock n Roll :smile:

I totally appreciate your support, owe you one.

(Dermot Jones) #573

@simonthompson99 and @jackiekeane hosting tonight? Am I right?

Any other demos?

(Sarah Jones) #574

No worries. It was a quiet start but ended up being quite busy with people arriving at different times. I think it’s good to advertise “tour starting at 7:45” to encourage people to arrive at the start time if they can. It makes it simpler to organise and saves repeating things.

(JK) #575

OMG, I have just seen this, didn’t put into my diary and so didn’t respond earlier to let you know that

I can’t do tonight! Had a tooth taken out late yesterday and am still recovering. In general I’m not well at all over the past 3 weeks as my gum was/is infected, yuck, enough details!

All I can do is apologise profusely, am truly sorry, I hate to be unreliable. Very sorry to disappoint. Jackie

(JK) #576

Dermot, I’m so sorry, I can’t believe this has happened, am just not together at all now. Big apologies.

(Simon Thompson) #577

In the end there were only two people who came along so a pretty slow evening, and we were left with a profit in biscuits. Interests were in developing film (willing to do workshops in it) for one, and software development for the other.


(Dermot Jones) #578

This week we have @StudioNelle and @frasco down as hosts.

As you might have read: last week’s open evening was incredibly quiet. Perhaps this was down to me posting a picture of a broken coffee maker across several social media platforms? Perhaps it’s the time of year, or maybe just chance?

However it could be super busy this week, especially due to the reach of our party publicity