Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Dermot Jones) #539

Ah, thanks!

(Sabrina Tabuchi) #540

Yes coming down tonight for knitting demo

(Chanelle) #541

Oh, I said that originally but Sabrina offered knitting machine demo so no need for both.

(Dermot Jones) #542

Good call

(Chanelle) #543

I believe it’s me and Simon the 7th.

@silkscreentechs will also be forming a working group and carrying out demos around printing techniques and possible frame making.

(JK) #544

Simon, if you could host tonight that would be fantastic!

Was just posting that I’ve chosen to work late tonight instead as overtime is wellpaid.

Let me know that’s good with you?

(Simon Thompson) #545

Sorry, have agreed to go out for a drink with work pals now. Is there anyone else who can make it?

(JK) #546

:slight_smile: Always the way

(JK) #547

Sorry guys n gals, am working late, can anybody host with @TomLattitude36.

I’d really appreciate it. Apologies for late call out, work is a feast or famine and overtime comes in late usually …

(Dermot Jones) #548

I’m going to be about halfway through fitting a thermocouple at 7.30, or I’d so it…

(JK) #549

Pants! Who else is in the space tonight…

(Stefano Romano) #550

I should be there for 7.30 if is an emergency but I’m not reliable (well my boss isn’t, so… :slight_smile: )

(JK) #551

Stefano, thank you! that’s great, late or not just so you’re there at some point is what matters.

Sitting here waiting for the docs to come in, can take minutes or hours and then has to be turned around within seconds…

Will bring you some best coffee :slight_smile:

(Sarah Jones) #552

I was planning to come down and see the knitting machine demo. I’m not on top form today but could help with hosting if you’re stuck.

(JK) #553

hey Sarah, helping Tom and Stefano would be great, thank you, hopefully it will just be for a little bit rather than the evening and with demos going on, it takes pressure off too. Thank you :slight_smile:

(Stefano Romano) #554

I’m on my way but can someone remind me what a host is supposed to do? Last time that I hosted officially was over one year ago…

(JK) #555

Really, just bringing people through the 3 rooms, showing them the different equipment, asking what projects they doing/would like to do. recent couple of weeks people arrived at all different times, so good to have 1 person focusing on the newcomers, welcoming them and bringing them to the hosted tour (a quick show of what they missed afterwards works well, rather than doing another tour). People chat between themselves, good to sit around the table if they like, tea coffee, biscuits, flyers and showing how much you love the space :slight_smile:

(Tom Newsom) #556

(Chanelle) #557

So sorry to be so annoying. I totally double booked myself I have to host a workshop. Is there anyone that would be able to cover in my absence. Thanking you in advance.

(Dermot Jones) #558

What’s this to cover? I see Jackie and Simon down for next Wednesday.