Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Pete Hellyer) #519

Yep. I think it’s a good idea, might be worth holiding out for the floor in the front to be done though, would make some of the cleaning stuff a bunch easier for whoever does it

(Fred Witting) #520

Feel free to demo while I host

(Fred Witting) #521

We could start by saying please leave it better than you found it. Spend 5% of your visit time cleaning up your mess and a communal bit.

(Sabrina Tabuchi) #522

Hello, not sure who s hosting on wed @members but I can come down and help out/ do a demo of the knitting machine

(JK) #523

Sabrina, a demo on the knitting machine would be great, I certainly want one please :slight_smile:

(Fred Witting) #524

I am. Please do

(Daniel Sikar) #525

@sabtab could you make Dec 7th if possible?

(Sabrina Tabuchi) #526

Not sure, if I can get a babysitter :baby:t2:

(Fred Witting) #527

@members. I’ve suddenly got an interview in Brussels Wednesday 29 November and can no long do open evening hosting. Can anyone step in please?

(Dermot Jones) #528

@StudioNelle and @sabtab have both mentioned doing demos at this week’s open evening. One of you able to co-host?

(JK) #529

I will do it, am there anyway. Chanelle is doing the Laser Cutting session with a group this evening and perhaps Sabrina will do her knitting demo?

(JK) #530

Oops, yes just saw that Chanelle offered a demo for open evening, one or other would be great.

(Chanelle) #531

Not to worry, maybe Sabrina would like to co-host.

(JK) #532

@TomLattitude36 is down to co-host.
Unless you would like to host Chanelle @StudioNelle ?
A demo from you or Sabrina @sabtab would be fab.
Or yes, perhaps Sabrina would like to co-host?

Am happy whatever happens :slight_smile:

(JK) #533

Best of luck with your interview Fred :slight_smile:

(Chanelle) #534

Probably not the best person to host this week sorry.

(JK) #535

Ok, no worries Chanelle, it’s me and @TomLattitude36. See you soon.

(Sabrina Tabuchi) #536

Hey, happy to co-host the only thing is I can’t get there before 7.30

(Dermot Jones) #537

@simonthompson99 and @jackiekeane hosting tonight.

So, am I right in thinking:

Plus: any relevant photos I can use for tweet and FB posts?

(Simon Thompson) #538

Think you’re getting ahead of yourself (though advantage at this time of the year, more chocolate from the advent calendar…) I’m down for 7th Dec, tonight is @jackiekeane and @TomLattitude36 (though could do tonight if either of you can’t).