Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Dermot Jones) #498

Sounds like a great open evening!!!

Have been in email contact with Alana to see if SLMS can support her vision of more women in construction in some way. Let’s see what happens…

(Sarah Jones) #499

Yes she said she had emailed you. It would be great to get her involved.

(Dermot Jones) #500

And thanks to @PeterF for stepping in/up at short notice.

I think we should aim for two hosts per open evening for the next few weeks? Next week is covered, but after that.

And we should consider perhaps aiming for one male and one female host? That’s a skewed version of positive discrimination as it puts more burden on a smaller percentage of members…

(PaulY) #501

I did tidy up for three hours before.
Whipping down the bins, seats, big table, printers, fridge, Windows, hovering the whole of the clean room - floors, seats window sills tables, kitchen, banging out the door mat etc.
And all the stuff you guys did.
Taking the rubbish out.
The new bin looks awesome.
The signs are great.
It was a really great night and a great spirit from members and guests.
Jackie and Howard doing paper stuff.
Listening to Frank Zappa and the rest.
Blah blah.
Diverse. Welcoming. Cheerful.
@PeterF did a great job. Was really friendly and encouraging.

It wasn’t just the cleaning tonight. But I think it makes a massive difference. Picks the place up. Had to chuck out two cleaning clothes thick with dirt.

A bit of trumpet blowing yes. Maybe. But honestly it’s so easy to neglect these basics. more just like: Can we do this more often? Clean the clean room. Can it be a thing we do? Have a rota?

(Chanelle) #502

I’m free next week and the 14th Dec

(Chanelle) #503

I know next week was covered but I thought we could do a demo?

(JK) #504

Yeah, it was a great afternoon and evening, nothing like listening to Mr Zappa and The Mothers of Invention.

You did a great clear & cleanup - floor, tables, kitchen, indoor windows sparkling and incense.

It’s :smiley:

(JK) #505

(JK) #506

It 's been essential to have 2 hosts the last 2 weeks. 14 people yesterday and 12 the week before, it’s a lot of people to manage! Autumn and Winter travel is often longer/disrupted and because it’s cold/raining, guests are arriving before 7.30 and at various times afterwards.

It flowed so well working with @simonthompson99 last week and flowed perfectly with @SarahJ and @PeterF last night.

(Dermot Jones) #507

With the caveat that the numbers can unexpectedly collapse we should push for two per week.

And activities! They always go down so well. We can at least put out a corner for ‘make your own Christmas cards’ we have a box of suitable crafty stuff in the snug.

(JK) #508

oooo, will have a look at the craft box. I will be making things from paper from dawn to dusk over the next couple of weeks so will be there next Weds

(Dermot Jones) #509

And that amount of cleaning & tidying from @boldaslove! Fantastic… And shocking. What would a cleaning rota look like? In terms of hours per week? Can we assume it took that long as it hadn’t been done for ages?

(JK) #510

It never takes long to get very dusty, it gets everywhere, the amount of dirt/dust that came off the floor and surfaces was a shock!

Also, It’d be great if people could fully tidy/clean up after themselves. There’s lots of things that others have to do which, is totally unfair and disrespectful. Disheartning and frustrating too.

Any time I’ve done the open evening, I get there early and tidy/clean, which is part of it. Makes 2 people for hosting vital really!

(Rich Maynard) #511

Are we at the point where we can consider employing a cleaner?

(JK) #512

Something like 4 or 5 hours a week or there abouts seems realistic to me.

(JK) #513

My cousin has just joined the Dublin hackerspace How funny.

He’ll be helping with their ‘social/open evening’ this time round!

He’s doing the ‘Lock Picking’ nights (seriously it’s every other Tuesday :laughing:) as the Ha’penney Bridge was beginning to fall down from all the Love Locks people are putting onto it.

(JK) #514

(JK) #515

This was my cousins fave night so far.

(PaulY) #516

No idea…

Some idea…

I think it would envolve some tidying.
Buy everyone. On rotation. so you were like doing one small cleaning job every 8 weeks.
Then it’s everyone’s responsibility…

Obviously a fancy bit of coding and probably an arduino or two would probably be used.

A long discourse?

The directors could be in the prototype and leading by example. Being the first 3 members chosen by the task selector.

obviously the task assignment software would run alphabetically by surname (shifty eyes)

Or we get a cleaner.

Or something else…

(Sarah Jones) #518

I think we should get a cleaner as soon as the clean room is all tidy and organised. We can’t expect anyone to do it yet because there is still too much stuff around that doesn’t have a home. 3 hours a week should be plenty and wouldn’t cost much.