Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(JK) #478

Hey, there were 12 people tonight! It was good. Thank you @simonthompson99 it was good to meet you and I think we worked well together (with my toothache - split tooth from a Sainsbury’s nut burger, painkillers and sometimes unusual personality) you did well. Without a doubt though we certainly did show MakerSpace well.

There was huge interest in MakerSpace. How good is that! Interestingly, a guy left Hakerspace recently because he found it to be ‘unsafe, people using dangerous equipment who didn’t know how to which nobody there objected to or took a hold of and also it was an unfriendly place to be’.

Our guests mostly wanted to use the Woodworking space. Dave is making an electric guitar!

It was a good evening. Thanks again Simon.

(Simon Thompson) #479

Thanks @jackiekeane , it was fun! Everyone seemed very interested in the
space and everything it has to offer. People had come from far and wide
(including Deptford) to come and have a look, a few people asked me about
whether there was a general space induction which I think is still a point
of dicussion (or maybe a decision already made…).

(Dermot Jones) #480

Before @conomara gets in: I have the notes ready to write up for a general space induction: just need a half hour that doesn’t get bumped by something else! Maybe tonight, for the weekend.

(Simon Thompson) #481

Ok, happy to help @dermot if you need a hand, also would like to be
inducted to the space and more than willing to be trained to be a space

(Chanelle) #482


(Dermot Jones) #483

Thank you @simonthompson99 and @StudioNelle it will be ready for Saturday. I’ll share the draft aa soon aa I can. We can iron out the rough spots as we go.

(PaulY) #484

Your hard work hosting must have paid off.
Nice new member came down today and helped out forgot his name opps. But said the tour was great.

(JK) #485

Yeay! Wonder who that is? Hope more of them join, they were an interesting lovely bunch :smiley:

(Dermot Jones) #486

Possibly David?

(Dermot Jones) #487

@SarahJ is hosting tonight. A very good opportunity for someone less experienced to co-host and learn the ropes from Sarah… Plus they had a busy one last week (though that’s not an indication of how many may turn up tonight)

Also it’s the inaugural papier mache night…

(Peter F) #488

I’m not sure if I’m too inexperienced (only joined last week) but I’m happy to come down and help if needed.

(Dermot Jones) #489

Hi Peter, I’m sure you’ll be most welcome!

(Sarah Jones) #490

brilliant, see you later! I’m aiming to get there around 5 or 6 to clear up a bit so whatever time you can make it would be great.

(Peter F) #491

Great, I’ll see you about 7 or earlier if I can get away.

(Dermot Jones) #492

Just to highlight: there’s a lot of rubbish to go out tonight: it’s piled up outside in the new “walled garden” the green wheelie bin can be filled first.

(Sarah Jones) #493

Already done. :slight_smile:

(Dermot Jones) #494

We’ve had a reply on FB about biscuit preferences: Dan (who might bring his friend Eleanor) says: “We like biscuits of all kinds!”

(Dermot Jones) #495

Zoltan is on his way, hoping you’ll wait a few minutes for him for the tour. I told him it was easy enough to catch up if he misses the start @SarahJ

(PaulY) #496

14 people at the open evening!!

Sarah and Peter Showing them round :slight_smile:

I think ones signed up already

(Sarah Jones) #497

Yes 14 visitors, we were in full open evening mode from just before 7 until 9:30. Lots of great and enthusiastic people and lots of compliments about the tidiness and welcomingness of the space and the community which was lovely. I think four or five were pretty certain about signing up. I can’t remember all the names but Zoltan is working on a cocktail machine and is very happy to have discovered us, Elena (I think!) is a joiner who is very keen to get more women into joinery and Rurshawn (I think!) is a musician who wants to figure out how to make a contraption like a roller blind but with soundproofing foam to create a pop-up soundproof pod within a room.

@PeterF did a great job co-hosting. It definitely works best with two hosts to catch latecomers, help answer questions and add anything the other person forgets.

@jackiekeane did a little talk about the paper mache and some people went home with a little pot they made after the tour. It was a good evening.