Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Stefano Romano) #458

I’m not sure… depends what time I’ll finish work

(Stefano Romano) #459

Mmm I have a suggestion… is it possible to add on discourse the emoticon of the middle finger like in What’s app? You know… could be useful sometimes! Hahaha :slight_smile:

(Daniel Sikar) #460

Biscuit-wise we are prepared for armageddon. I think I counted five packets by the kettle last night.

(Stefano Romano) #461

Last night is a long time for biscuits to survive at slums…

(Daniel Sikar) #462

8 visitors attended the open evening, including one tofu making GP and two structural engineers, and they were not from the council either!

Interests ranging from, electronics and building voice and motion controlled equipment for people with disabilities, to, you guessed it, woodworking.

Paul works for the London Underground and noticed that Tom’s map seems to have the depths right, the Northern Line being the most underground of them all.

All visitors ventured into the depths of the snug recognising it for the Aladdin’s Cave that it is. A keener group of makers I have yet to see in one open evening.

Ross was ready to sign up there and then while Giuliano is doing a 40 hour woodworking course in nearby Peckham, to hit the floor running.

And now, the weather :wink:

(Dermot Jones) #463

I really enjoy reading these Open Evening reports.

…how’d it go with the biscuits?

(Daniel Sikar) #464

They had none of them except James who insisted he did not know you.

(Dermot Jones) #465


Ah…yes, I remember. Yep, never met him.

(Daniel Sikar) #466

I think I get it now. Next wednesday I’ll bring a packet of biscuits along.

(Dermot Jones) #467

@dsikar is hosting again tonight!

If anyone wants to try out hosting but feels a bit unsure, then co-hosting with Daniel is probably the best way in: shadow him, support him, see what it is he does (and tell me so that I/we can copy it!).

We always get a flurry of signups and great feedback after @dsikar hosts: and we don’t even all for feedback!

One note: the bins!!! These haven’t been taken out for a few weeks now, to the point where it’s a big job. The green wheelie bin and all the First Mile bags need to be put just inside the main estate gates on the right. Our agreement is to have them there before 8pm I’ll put out a call in another post.

(Daniel Sikar) #468

Thank you for your kind words @Dermot. I’m been on an allnighter working so I am going to be rubbish this evening but promise to shave and clean me teeth.
The bins were only 1/2 full Thursday gone so I let them be?

(Dermot Jones) #469

That may be because of the big pile of rubbish outside! First Mile only collect from just inside the main gates.

(Daniel Sikar) #470


(PaulY) #471

I should be able to come down tonight and help move the rubbish from outside to the main gate.

It’s a big old pile.

(Daniel Sikar) #472

Last evening’s chronicle; 7 takers - including 2 very impressed previous visitors/members. First bite of winter so doors not flung open as has been the norm.

General motivation is the search for shared communal workspaces. James looking at running workshops, Ed looking at hacking an electric piano into an upright piano (said he would post on discourse about feasibility), Fatima looking at an alternative space as her student access to another space expires.

@Barnaby_Coote , @stefanoromano and @boldaslove spoke to our the visitors about their current work in the space.

The biggest talking point of the evening was no doubt the sewing corner stand up table, head turning beauty that it is, built with timber 100% sourced from the snug ( I didn’t know this detail of the build).

Finally, I brought a couple of packets of biscuits @dermot just to let you know :wink:

(Frank Scott) #473

Open Evening 2016-11-09

Quite busy! 11 visitors including Will who came for his fob. Main interest as usual in woodworking along with metal working.
Peter interested in screen printing. Liam and Chris are guitar makers!
Late comers Alex and Julia were interested in signing up on the spot, so I think we might be keeping up our running average of 1 newcomer per week.

(Ana Reyes) #474

Could do 16th November!

(Tom Newsom) #475

Already 2 hosts for the 16th :slight_smile:

(Dermot Jones) #476

Yes @jackiekeane and @simonthompson99 are our hosts for tonight!

Anything I should tell our adoring public on Facebook and Twitter? I’ll do some posts later this morning.

(JK) #477

There will be biscuits!