Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Dermot Jones) #438

You are…you still available?

(Chanelle) #439

Yes, just making sure I don’t make plans and double book myself.

(Chanelle) #440

Any co-hosts tonight?

(Dermot Jones) #441

I see @jackiekeane is down to host this week.

Cibele, you’re also co-hosting?

@cibelesoaresalvareng @Cibele_Soares_Alvare

P.S. we need to look at the that!

(cibelesoaresalvareng) #442

Yes I am up to host the Open Evening tonight, I thought Joe would be doing
the opening with me so Jackie is coming too?! I will be there before 7.

(JK) #443

Hello all, I found out yesterday that Cibele was hosting, cool! And Jo?

If there are 3 people for tonight, it might be a good idea to spilt us into 3 weeks cus there’s not enough hosts - ?

(joeatkin2) #444

I am having car problems. No insurance yet so will try to get down but cannot say for sure


(JK) #445

Ok, Joe, hope you get it sorted, tks for letting us know.

(Dermot Jones) #446

To be fair Joe did say from the offset that he might be late!

(joeatkin2) #447

Hoping will have a car tomorrow

(JK) #448

Weds 19 Oct 2016

5 people visited Maker Space:

Mike who landed in the UK from California on Tuesday (tried to sign up with cash) and has hopefully signed up via his girlfriend’s card by now;
Richard who has already joined and brought his friend Stephen;
Orion (definitely not the right spelling, sorry!) from Holland was in town for conferences and wanted to see MakerSpace, he works in telecommunications and told us about
and Ian from V22 Studios in Lewisham

Cibele and I had a good time co-hosting and Mark @lewisss did a great job of touring the woodshop - he’s a bit good at it, so signup for hosting soon Mark :slight_smile:!

(Dermot Jones) #449

I notice that two weeks running the bins haven’t gone out on open evening.

Has this slipped off the radar of open evening tasks somehow?

(JK) #450

Hey Dermot, yes, sorry the bins were the last thing considered last Weds cus they didn’t look too full or bad compared to the rest of the space.

The clean room was honestly a total mess. I understand mess when there’s lots going on and don’t mind tidying up at all to support but the mess left was disrespectful, shockingly so. It wasn’t just untidy, it was filthy so took a major mop up. It was stressful to have to clean up so much.

Then me and Cibele tidied up to make MakerSpace great for visitors to Open Evening, just like we all do when having people round to our home. It was a really lovely evening, interesting people. 2 people visited from the west coast of America and 1 from Holland because they have read about Maker Space.

For me, the most important thing is to support kids, so here’s Ruby Rios’s latest involvement:

(Dermot Jones) #451

Sounds like exactly what I would have done.

Really sorry you found the space in such a mess.

(Chanelle) #452

Hey Jackie,

I’m confused came along 2 weeks ago right?

(Dermot Jones) #453

Rota is looking really healthy over the next month and a half: thanks to everyone who’s signed up!

One empty slot on 9th November I think.

Also: it’s great to have a co-host on open evening.

So if you want to try out hosting without the pressure of holding the whole evening then sign up and work alongside one of our experienced hosts who all be happy to show you the ropes.

(JK) #454

Yes, Ruby came along the week you hosted, I thought of her when writing about the two other out of towners and sent her link. A week late! :laughing:

(Dermot Jones) #455

@dsikar you’re down to host tonight!

Anyone up for a spot of co-hosting?

BTW…don’t be surprised if guests ask for biscuits…

(Tom Newsom) #456

@stefanoromano - I don’t know if you plan to be around this evening, but there’s a fellow Italian coming who’s interested in woodwork :slight_smile:

(Tom Lynch) #457

No more Italians in the wood workshop, it’s bad enough with @stefanoromano :wink: