Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(PaulY) #418

Sorry my post was t clear.
I was trying to indicate that I had put my thinking cap on as was trying to think of ideas.
But looking at my post again it looks like it could be misconstrode as something else

(Dermot Jones) #419

With that annotation it’s now perfectly clear.

(Pete Hellyer) #420

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(Sarah Jones) #421

Hi @StudioNelle , are you still available for tomorrow evening? I’m down to host but it would be great to have a co-host!

(Chanelle) #422

Hey Sarah, yes I’ll there weds.

(Sarah Jones) #423

Brilliant, see you there.

(Dermot Jones) #424

Hey folks! Open evening again, and we need hosts!

Who’ll be our open evening hero this week?

(Dermot Jones) #425

Apologies for invoking the power of @members but we really need some welcoming faces for our visitors tonight…

The ‘quick’ way of hosting is to set it up as a tour. Tell people when they arrive that there’ll be a tour, and when, point them to teas and coffees, get them chatting among themselves.

Then do the tour, which will come to a natural end unless you get in to chatty mode in which case you can have a whole evening of interesting conversations.

Everyone who turns up is at the very least curious, which is a fine quality! And many have great projects in hand or in mind.

(Daniel Sikar) #426

Sounds good. I’ll do it.

(Dermot Jones) #427

Thanks @dsikar, this week’s open evening hero!

(Daniel Sikar) #428

No problem skipper.

(Daniel Sikar) #429

Abridged report:

6 takers

Interests: woodworking, architectural modelling, electronics.

Jackie gave them an intro to drawing.

Howard and Pip working away at electronics corners.

Howard doing some laser cuts.

Seems like everyone enjoyed the evening.

(Tom Newsom) #430

Sounds great :slight_smile: Thanks for hosting!

Volunteers for the weeks ahead always welcome!

(Chanelle) #431

I can do next week’s tour. I wondered if there are any techs that would be interested in co-hosting and performing a small demo of their area? @woodtechs @textilestechs @silkscreentechs @systems @3dtechs @electrotechs

(Chanelle) #432

Opps so sorry, was totally up for hosting but I totally forgot I’m hosting a sewing workshop in East. I won’t be able to make it. Apologies again.

(Dermot Jones) #433

Hey, no problem, thanks for letting us know.

So… @members we need some hosts for this and future Wednesdays.

We need to support Open Evenings as they’re currently the only practical way people can come and see us and our fabulous emergent Makerspace.

Would be great to see some members who haven’t hosted for a while (or perhaps are yet-to-host) stampeding in to to fill up the rota!

Sign up here for free biscuits!

(Dermot Jones) #434

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(Dermot Jones) #435

Okay, upping the reward for hosting tonight to chocolate Hob Nobs…and a pint.

Everyone has a price.

(Dermot Jones) #436

Okay, I’ll be the hero this week.

On way…

(Chanelle) #437

Am I down to do this weeks hosting?