Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Dermot Jones) #838

Sounds like a good one! Great that there were demoes going on.

Feel free to give new members a tag, and demonstrate how to use the door/shutter. Then we can also log them on the system.

(unknowndomain) #839

I can imagine just how that happened, through a guy called Craig Dunlop founder of Workshop, Cape Town, South Africa at Maker Assembly.

(Daniel Sikar) #840

Open evening report 19.07.2017

Not the busiest of open evenings but certainly one of the most eventful I have ever hosted. Multi-instrumentalist Ed happened to wander into the estate on the lookout for a place to start a music school. Into the space he came and was treated to some most excellent freshly ground coffee plus biscuits. In exchange he gave all present a tune, apologising for any bum notes, the saxophone being his first instrument. He said he’d drop by again in future.

Annie lives in Streatham Hill. She is a wood sculptress and having grown out of her black and decker workbench is looking for a larger space. She is also planning to build a manual lathe and has two other friends working in the same lines. She was well impressed with the facilities and @tomnewsom 's epic coffee table. She said she’d be contacting @directors in reference to joining.

Elio lives in Clapham and is looking at building pallet furniture, so thanks @DAC17 for chatting to our visitor and talking about his own pallet garden furniture project, well documented on discourse. Elio took a fob, tapped in about 20:50h and said he’d be setting up a direct debit.

@cibelesoaresalvareng was printing t-shirts and @lewisss gave us a demo of his new bespoke sound system…

…while @Elizabeth99 and @Jez_Wyatt attended @tomnewsom 's laser cutter inductor induction so a pretty hectic evening to be fair.

And many thanks to @boldaslove for the increasing complexity of waste disposal heads up.


@boldaslove could you put me down for a pot of clear honey, please?

@Tariq I left the polo shirts under the textiles workbench, on top of the knitting machine:

(Martin John Finch) #841

@Howard, could this work with your idea for a music space?

(Tariq Maruf) #842

Many Thanks . Collected them yesterday .

(Dermot Jones) #843

The open evening rota is looking sad and empty – after a good run of volunteers. Why not head over and put your name down for a session?

(Dermot Jones) #844

Giving this a bump – we really need someone to do this.

(Dermot Jones) #845

Hi @members

Open Evening is but a few hours away…and we really need a host!

No obligation to give a full tour, though many find the structure makes it more straightforward. The key is to show our visitors a Makerspace welcome.

If you can do tonight, that’s a big help. If not then maybe consider signing up for a future date?

(Mark Johnson) #846

I am here

(Mark Johnson) #847

mena, sally, tim, tom, alan, joe, chris, adam, quinn, elliot,liam all had a fun time tonight…

apologies if i left anyone out!

(Mark Johnson) #848

amd ewan and tim… i need to bring in the signs!

(Dermot Jones) #849

A busy one then. Thanks Mark for stepping in!

(Pete Hellyer) #850

It’s open evening tonight, ladies and gentlefolk!

I’ll be in the space and can help a bit (but I can’t make it by 7:30, and I’ve some work I’d like to be getting on with)- any volunteers to come along and show some lovely people around?

(Takehiko Iseki) #851

Hi, I was thinking of using the space tonight anyway, so can help for the open evening. Although I just joined the Makerspace a week ago and still don’t know much about the whole structure of it… Any list of TO-DOs for me to read before the event?

(James Evans) #852

Will be working in the space tonight from about 6.30 onwards so may be able to help out if needed

(Dermot Jones) #853

Hi, there’s a guide here: How to host Open Evening but members are free to host an open evening in any way they choose!

(Takehiko Iseki) #854

Thanks. I don’t have a shutter key yet. Is anyone with the key planning to come later tonight?

(Dermot Jones) #855

How did you get on?

(Dermot Jones) #856

@dsikar is hosting tonight: worth attending even if you’re already a member…

(Takehiko Iseki) #857

Hi Dermot. The weather wasn’t promising, but we had 7people attended last week. Did short introduction of the space and themselves before explaining each workspaces and tools. Seems everyone enjoyed.