Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Martin John Finch) #796

I’m already signed up to host next Wednesday (14th). I hadn’t thought about shutter access, which I don’t have. Should I put out an appeal for someone to let me in?

I plan to follow the script, pretty much.


(Dan Le Blanc) #797

I’ve been meaning to pitch in more and earn my shutter access, but I’ve been swamped for the last six weeks. In the next week or two I’ll start having more time again, and I’ll definitely volunteer to help host an open night or three :slight_smile:

(Dermot Jones) #798

Hi @Sponge_Bob that would be great. Feel free to stick to the script, or deviate from it: up to you. Bring stuff of your own to show and tell if you like – especially if it sheds light on what our Makerspace can produce.

(Sara French) #799

I’m happy to turn up for these events but Wednesday evenings are the only evening I generally can’t make.

(Bradley Pinto) #800

There is a script? Where can I find this?

(Tom Newsom) #801

Linked from the rota: Open Evening Rota

(Bradley Pinto) #802

Thanks, love that it is so accurate it even tells me to go to bed hahaha

(Dale Connolly) #803

Do you need a hand tonight? I’ve gotta pop down the space to measure up for the kitchen cupboard doors and collect some bits left there for me. Happy to help out practically (tidy up, throw bins out etc) and help answer any Qs with my limited experience of the space.

(unknowndomain) #804

That would be good the more the merrier I imagine!

(PaulY) #805

I’m on my way. Will host if no one else turns up.
Is any one else down yj do it.
I’ld rather not if I don’t have to

(Dermot Jones) #806

@Sponge_Bob how was it?

(Bradley Pinto) #807

Not half bad, Was a quite night which made my first attempt easier. Had 6 people come through.
Pip jumped in to help me as well.
Hope fully I will have a few more wednesdays off so I can do more.

(Martin John Finch) #808

I’ve got next Wednesday. But will need someone to let me in.

(Bradley Pinto) #809

I thought yesterday was wednesday so went to the space to help you out with the open evening… Hahaha much to my surprise it was tuesday!
I will come tonight again to help out

(Martin John Finch) #810

tonight is most positively definitely Wednesday. great, will see you there!

(Samson SB) #811

Happy to help out on 21st June but don’t have shutter access.

Added my name to the list.

(Martin John Finch) #812

Good open evening last night. @Sponge_Bob and myself were both willing to bet nobody would show up on such a fine evening, but as it turned out we welcomed about 10 people for two guided tours. Most were interested in woodworking, but were also treated to a demonstration of the laser cutter (thanks to a member whose name I can’t remember).

Good questions concerned payments, access and induction waiting times. Liam, an American visitor doing a fellowship about maker spaces around the world would like to interview some members, I referred him to @directors.

Most visitors found us by Internet searches, or references on other organisations’ web sites. Some were just walking past. At least three stated an intention to join immediately.

Thanks to other members present for their help. Howard showed me how to close the shutter at the end of the evening if I was the last one there, but I wasn’t.

Overall, my first open night hosting was a good and enjoyable experience.

(Samson SB) #813

Hi I am having to drop out of hosting due to a fmaily commitment.

Really sorry about that!!

I’ll be around next wednesday though.

Have updated the list.

(Dermot Jones) #814

No problem.

Folks: we need a host or two for this week now. Who’ll be the hero? Also useful for earning shutter access brownie points, and general high levels of admiration

(Nico de Jong) #815

I MIGHT be able to do this, however cannot commit until tomorrow middayish