Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(PaulY) #760

In my defense i’ld just done a 12 hour shift at work, just came by the space to grab dinner, and quickly realised no one was down to host. Stepped in. Xyz

I also thought we’ld missed the collection.
And not sure where the collection point is anymore.
Did we move it in the end or is it still by the gate?

(PaulY) #761

The good thing about a “tour” is that one person can show round 12 people while there’s other stuff going on in the space. If I remember rightly we started doing it that way so that hosting was less disturbing and meant less people would need to host.
If we change the format back to a social we need to think about the level of hosting required and how it will effect things like the [insert software name here] tutorial that was going on last night. I think it’ll need more hosts and it will be more disturbing.

Is changing the format going to mean we get more volunteers?

(Chanelle) #762

Mark suggested giving them a call and arranging an another collection. If anyone is around today the number is on the bags. The bags are currently piled up by the 3d printer.

(Dermot Jones) #763

If there’s any waste bags these need to be stored outside in case of food – realistically that’s probably true of recycling bags too.

It’s a shame we missed putting the bags out two weeks running, as it’s hard to make a case for an extra collection when it’s us who dropped the ball.

I’m away at the moment… If we arrange another collection then we need to be sure the bags and bin go out in time for it.

(Dermot Jones) #764

IIRC the ‘tour’ came from a bunch of members pushing quite strongly for it. I think it was influenced by/copied from London Hackspace? Guests always got a tour anyway, but this formalised it. But it turned it from an ‘open evening’ – where you might hang around with a beer and rub shoulders with members and chat about projects – into a…well, a tour.

Impossible to tell if a different format would attract more volunteers. I’d guess it’s more that it seems like a chore or a daunting challenge that puts members off hosting.

(unknowndomain) #765

@members urgently need folks to signup for all of May: Open Evening Rota

(Tom Newsom) #766

And don’t be scared! It’s great fun and there are full instructions here:

(Andreas Varotsis) #767

Have signed up for the 17th, but have realised I don’t have shutter access which could be an awkward moment if nobody else is around…do we reckon that’s an issue?

(Tom Newsom) #768

You’re an old hand andreas! You shouldn’t have much trouble getting access if you post up in #admin:shutter-request

(Andreas Varotsis) #769

Might be an old hand, but I sneak in and out once every 6 months like the anti-social butterfly that I am :stuck_out_tongue:

(unknowndomain) #770

Special trust for police officers?

(Dermot Jones) #771

@peter_hellyer is hosting tonight.

Anyone want to co-host and learn the ropes then you’d be in safe hands tonight.

P.S. it’s also bin night…

(Dermot Jones) #772

How was it?

(electrotech) #773

can my name be removed from members tag or shall i just delete my account?

(Dermot Jones) #774

Are you finding you’re getting too many notifications? You can just edit when you’re emailed by going into Discourse settings.

While you’re here… have you signed up for hosting? One open evening per member every four years is all we need to cover it.

(Hannah Tucker) #775

I’d be happy to host, and will put my name down for one night soon. The problem I have is 1. childcare and 2. travel/time. So, even though I could theoretically do it more often and would actually like to, I’m not very flexible with my free time. If I’m at the space I want to work on projects, or use my one night off a week to attend the electronics night. That is the kind of problem I face. Perhaps this resonates with others? If there were a solution to that, I’d do it way more.

(Dermot Jones) #776


As I’ve said before: this is a very light load if we share it. Even if it’s just active members we’d only end up hosting once every two years if everyone did their bit.

Yes, would be useful to know what other obstacles members are feeling towards hosting.

(electrotech) #777

Thanks, I will see how this goes.

As for hosting, I’m not comfortable with doing it, at all.I used to be very confident and able to talk in front of large crowds but that’s no longer true and probably why this thread annoys me so much.

(Dermot Jones) #778

I think you’re probably not alone in that. And we absolutely don’t try to push members who aren’t comfortable… but we need to find a way to share the load of running the space more equally in the long-term… open evenings are only one part of that bigger picture.

(Dermot Jones) #779

@andreas_varotsis is hosting tonight, and I’m sure he’d welcome a co-host if someone want to dip their toe in.

Andreas: anything you’d like us to tell our Twitter and FB followers about you/your areas of interest?