Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Dermot Jones) #706

@TomLattitude36 how was it last night?

(Tom Gayler) #707

Great! We had about 8 people a few signed up and picked up fobs and a few more just looking.

(Dermot Jones) #708

Dare I ask the gender mix?

(Mark Johnson) #709

3 female 5 male

(Chanelle) #710

How do I put my name down for the next one?

I would like to do a sewing basics, how to set up and do basic stitches on the sewing machine.

(Dermot Jones) #711

Sign-up here:

(Dermot Jones) #712

Chanelle @StudioNelle is hosting this Wednesday…

If you want to co-host and learn the ropes then this is a great opportunity, just let us/her know before.

We’re looking for hosts for upcoming open evenings: of you haven’t hosted yet then please consider doing one. We’re especially looking for more female members to host, though all are more than welcome.

(Chanelle) #713

um…this is super awkward. I wonder if anyone is available to cover my hosting duties tomorrow night???

I can offer some home baked goods as a massive thank you???

(Dermot Jones) #714

So: anyone ready to don the Makerspace cape and welcome our maker-curious visitors tonight.

Chanelle has offered baked goods!!!

(Dermot Jones) #715

Anyone seen the 3d Doodler?

(Chanelle) #716

I basically have to work late and wouldn’t get to the space in time.

Really grateful if someone could fill the spot.

(Dermot Jones) #717

@lewisss how was it?

(Mark Johnson) #718

Tom, just moved into his flat and needs to do some repairs/making for new place,
Harry is into clockmaing,
Paul repurposing/repairing old l;aptops
Marie aerospace engineer? looking for inspiration
Samson , running a start up for under developed countries,
Kaoru designer of furniture but wants to try making now
Madhav Electrical engineer again interested in making in general

(Dermot Jones) #719

@members – and I really don’t like using that – but we need you.

So here’s let latest installment of my occasional series of nags: please consider hosting an open evening! As has been said if every member hosted just once, we’d do one each every four years…

(harlequindream) #720

Hey Dermot, I can host this Wed.

(harlequindream) #721

Hey Dermot, I can host this Wed.

(JK) #722

I will do nexr week, weds 5 April. Jackie

(Pete Hellyer) #723

I shall also come and host on wednesday!

(Dermot Jones) #724

@harlequindream and @peter_hellyer are tonight’s able hosts.

I’ll do a bit of social media when I get a moment.

Anything the internet should know about?

(Dermot Jones) #725

How was it last night?