Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Beth Slater) #611

No :unamused: they are not finished yet. The bushings were the wrong size and I need to order some more​:anguished: but I will definately finish them and show you!

(Tom Newsom) #612

Hell of a turnout tonight!
Must be all those new year’s resolutions :grinning:

(Daniel Sikar) #613

We had the usual surprising mixture of interests and skills, plus the visit of a real life carpenter! We had Anna and Hope interested in textiles and finding a space for there projects, Chantelle interested in furniture and upholstery so a carpentry/textile crossover, George who might be getting in touch with @frasco to discuss FPGAs, Peter who just finished his carpentry introductory training and looking for facilities for continued development. Then we had Matt who brought the Tantillus kit, duly inspected by @peter_hellyer, together with his partner Alex, keen to channel Matt’s creative energies away from the house :smiley: , she stressed. Elena interested in electronics, laser cutting, 3D printing with a making background at academic level, Tim, an architect interested in woodworking, Sam who has already joined and turned up to collect fob. Then came another Alex, the espresso maintenance engineer but unlike the @lewisss machine, he deals with older models (electric and plumbing jobs, he tells us) that he would like to work on and currently looking for a place to do it. Stragglers included Hamish and Charlie, Thomas and Tara and probably a few others. I counted about 15 visitors. Then there were @jackiekeane, @Beth, @peter_hellyer and @Dermot doing the Time to Talk event planning in the social area, @Dermot 's reprap printing, @tomnewsom and friends and Jonathan laser cutting, @Howard, @joeatkin2 and @Kostas woodworking. Thanks to @tomnewsom and @joeatkin2 for talking to our visitors and wow, what an epic evening, only the xmas party was busier. And we were never in danger of running out of biscuits! :smiley:
Oh, and I forgot to bring the signs in again! :weary:Will do it tomorrow morning…

(Dermot Jones) #614

Not only a fantastic feat of hosting that many guests singlehandedly (and doing two tours), but also a feat of memory to recount all this detail we love to hear!

An epic open evening!

The signs are in, don’t worry.

(Dermot Jones) #615

@AussieFred is down to host this Wednesday, however we’ll likely need another host if the new year surge we saw last week continues.

Anyone up for it? A female member would be good. Or to be there and available to support if needed?

As ever: anyone who had anything to demo please do so and let us know for the social media side of things. And one that note: any good pictures this week?

(Dermot Jones) #616

The Open Evening rota needs a bit of populating: in plain English: please head over here and sign up for the opportunity to show potential new makerspacers our fabulous facilities!

There’s a strong feeling that having female hosts increases the likelihood of new female members signing up. So take that as a call for more females members to host!

We’ve had high turn-outs the last two weeks, so ideally we’d have hosts per week at the moment.

And, as ever: demos, members working on projects etc is always welcome. Don’t worry about not being able to get on with your work: part of the host’s job is to ensure you can get on with your project even with a bunch of curious visitors.

EDIT: I’m doing an @members as we need a wider pool of open night hosts. Don’t be shy: it’s a fun evening, and an easy way to do your bit for the space!

(Dermot Jones) #617

Another bump as we really need a member (or ideally members) to host tonight.

(Dermot Jones) #618

Thanks to @frasco for stepping in/up to host tonight, and for @simonthompson99 and @dsikar for signing up for the next two.

Anyone to co-host tonight? This is an opportunity to learn the ropes from a pro!

(Daniel Sikar) #619

If you need any made stuff for social networking here’s Chanelle’s sign prototype:

(Dermot Jones) #620

Exactly what’s needed!

(JK) #621

wow, what is that! @StudioNelle, is that for your work? Bloody brilliant, I love it.

(JK) #622

On an Open Evening tip, I visited all the arches down to Croxted Road today and met Steve and Milly from

Omg, what lovely folk, they are Set Design artists for a variety of very interesting clients. Milly would like to join Maker Space and both her and Steve want to be involved, perhaps as a reciprocal arrangement and who knows where this good thing could lead to. My feeling of them is pure positive.

(JK) #623

Incredibly, whilst chatting with Steve and Milly from a guy James rocked up looking for Maker Space!

Says he will be at the open evening tonight.

(Dermot Jones) #624

@simonthompson99 is down to host tonight. Be generous with the alternative facts during the tour…

(Simon Thompson) #625

I did sign some Executive Orders whilst I was down there and built a wall or two, seemed churlish not to really.

Open evening last night was a very congenial affair, there were eight visitors interested in a variety of things and at various stages of membership. As usual, there was a lot of interest in (and admiration of) the wood workshop, one question that was raised that I wasn’t able to answer was whether it was open to general use if members brought along their own hand tools and took advantage of a nice workbench with a proper vice etc. Perhaps @woodtechs could answer this - if I’ve been inducted on one of the tools then presumably I can use that tool but does that mean I can use the general space (but not the other tools) too? Or maybe some of the hand tools can be used by anyone without an induction?

(Tom Newsom) #626

Hand tools don’t need an induction (unless I missed a memo)

(laurent_muchacho) #627

Managed to get some free time tomorrow evening and will be the sidekick host as I need to get up to speed again

(Daniel Sikar) #628

I’ll try to bring my latest make the IOT Trike:

(Chanelle) #629

yay…it worked then!

(Daniel Sikar) #630!!!