Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Daniel Sikar) #470


(PaulY) #471

I should be able to come down tonight and help move the rubbish from outside to the main gate.

It’s a big old pile.

(Daniel Sikar) #472

Last evening’s chronicle; 7 takers - including 2 very impressed previous visitors/members. First bite of winter so doors not flung open as has been the norm.

General motivation is the search for shared communal workspaces. James looking at running workshops, Ed looking at hacking an electric piano into an upright piano (said he would post on discourse about feasibility), Fatima looking at an alternative space as her student access to another space expires.

@Barnaby_Coote , @stefanoromano and @boldaslove spoke to our the visitors about their current work in the space.

The biggest talking point of the evening was no doubt the sewing corner stand up table, head turning beauty that it is, built with timber 100% sourced from the snug ( I didn’t know this detail of the build).

Finally, I brought a couple of packets of biscuits @dermot just to let you know :wink:

(Frank Scott) #473

Open Evening 2016-11-09

Quite busy! 11 visitors including Will who came for his fob. Main interest as usual in woodworking along with metal working.
Peter interested in screen printing. Liam and Chris are guitar makers!
Late comers Alex and Julia were interested in signing up on the spot, so I think we might be keeping up our running average of 1 newcomer per week.

(Ana Reyes) #474

Could do 16th November!

(Tom Newsom) #475

Already 2 hosts for the 16th :slight_smile:

(Dermot Jones) #476

Yes @jackiekeane and @simonthompson99 are our hosts for tonight!

Anything I should tell our adoring public on Facebook and Twitter? I’ll do some posts later this morning.

(JK) #477

There will be biscuits!

(JK) #478

Hey, there were 12 people tonight! It was good. Thank you @simonthompson99 it was good to meet you and I think we worked well together (with my toothache - split tooth from a Sainsbury’s nut burger, painkillers and sometimes unusual personality) you did well. Without a doubt though we certainly did show MakerSpace well.

There was huge interest in MakerSpace. How good is that! Interestingly, a guy left Hakerspace recently because he found it to be ‘unsafe, people using dangerous equipment who didn’t know how to which nobody there objected to or took a hold of and also it was an unfriendly place to be’.

Our guests mostly wanted to use the Woodworking space. Dave is making an electric guitar!

It was a good evening. Thanks again Simon.

(Simon Thompson) #479

Thanks @jackiekeane , it was fun! Everyone seemed very interested in the
space and everything it has to offer. People had come from far and wide
(including Deptford) to come and have a look, a few people asked me about
whether there was a general space induction which I think is still a point
of dicussion (or maybe a decision already made…).

(Dermot Jones) #480

Before @conomara gets in: I have the notes ready to write up for a general space induction: just need a half hour that doesn’t get bumped by something else! Maybe tonight, for the weekend.

(Simon Thompson) #481

Ok, happy to help @dermot if you need a hand, also would like to be
inducted to the space and more than willing to be trained to be a space

(Chanelle) #482


(Dermot Jones) #483

Thank you @simonthompson99 and @StudioNelle it will be ready for Saturday. I’ll share the draft aa soon aa I can. We can iron out the rough spots as we go.

(PaulY) #484

Your hard work hosting must have paid off.
Nice new member came down today and helped out forgot his name opps. But said the tour was great.

(JK) #485

Yeay! Wonder who that is? Hope more of them join, they were an interesting lovely bunch :smiley:

(Dermot Jones) #486

Possibly David?

(Dermot Jones) #487

@SarahJ is hosting tonight. A very good opportunity for someone less experienced to co-host and learn the ropes from Sarah… Plus they had a busy one last week (though that’s not an indication of how many may turn up tonight)

Also it’s the inaugural papier mache night…

(Peter F) #488

I’m not sure if I’m too inexperienced (only joined last week) but I’m happy to come down and help if needed.

(Dermot Jones) #489

Hi Peter, I’m sure you’ll be most welcome!