Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Luke Watts) #319

That’s right. July 20th and I will look at picking up a few in August as well. Just checking some dates on my side at the moment.

(Dermot Jones) #320

@marketing some social media action would be great for tonight’s open evening.

Luke is hosting, and would likely welcome a co host.

Lanyards and flyers are in the blue box file on the shelf by the social area

(Toby Harris) #321


(Beth Slater) #322

@ Members anyone able to pair up with me on Wednesday? I haven’t hosted before and would be good to be with someone who has.


(Frank Scott) #323

Count me in!

(Tom Newsom) #324

Brill :slight_smile:

Could you edit yourself into the rota?

(Beth Slater) #325

Cheers Frank!!

(Dermot Jones) #326

It’s been tweeted and FB’d

I’ve told FB fans to search for this and say hello to this little guy

(Dermot Jones) #327

Ah…it’s open evening again tomorrow…and we need hosts!

I know it’s a bit last minute, but we really need someone to step forward and host this.

(Daniel Sikar) #328

I’ll do it.

(Dermot Jones) #329


(Daniel Sikar) #330

@dermot I missed @pip by a few minutes. Can the shutter be operated remotely? Any @members nearby?

(Dermot Jones) #331

I’ll send you a private message, give me a minute

(unknowndomain) #332

You have shutter access

(Daniel Sikar) #333

All good. We are open for business.

(Daniel Sikar) #334

We had 6 visitors in total:

  • Nico, Michael, Dave and Duncan, all interested in woodworking so @woodtechs expect a nudge.

  • Local girl Karen, who had been walking by since the The Good Companion café days, finally decided to pop in and kindly left a bag of electronic goodies including arduino, breadboard and sensors which I plan to sort tomorrow evening.

  • Last through the doors came Annika Richterich from Maastricht University working on “Hacking and Making” research. She asked this link be sent around for anyone wishing to contribute:
    She also brought us some dutch salt caramel chocolate.

Visitors noticed the space is very tidy and cosy so well done all involved.

(unknowndomain) #335

I’ve heard members say they are worried about too many people coming into the space in the past, but thought they were wrong because they were talking more generally, but I think there is some serious merit to the idea that wood working could instantly become over capacity with the numbers wanting it.

(Dermot Jones) #336

Props to you for stepping up and taking care of this, and for taking the time to write it up, it’s always good to hear how it went.

Did you put the rubbish out? I realise we didn’t mention that.

(Daniel Sikar) #337

No problem and yes, done following hosting guide How to host Open Evening

(Dermot Jones) #338

Excellent! And the last of the rubbish out after the big push from @boldaslove at the weekend.