Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Christian Harries) #296

It looks like i’ve got my Wednesday evenings back for the next few months so while I can’t guarantee anything I should be able to do at least some of them. I’ll put myself down for next Wednesday.

(Tom Newsom) #297

This is part of the job spec for @welcome

(PaulY) #298


(PaulY) #299

I liked to repeat that more people will be turning up though if it’s once a month. So we def need to have people there. Hosts confirming in advance and if no one is down someone chasing people well in advance. I think it should be clear who’s role it is to be open day organiser. That doesn’t mean they have to be there but responsibility for the rota. A nice job for someone.

we should try and estimate numbers and plan accordingly.

(unknowndomain) #300

Can you confirm you are around on Wednesday?

(unknowndomain) #301

@members we need more people to sign up for July’s open evenings.

Edit this post: Open Evening Rota

(Barnaby Coote) #302


(unknowndomain) #303

@Barnaby_Coote and @frasco @welcome I’ve updated the instructions for open eveing, feedback encouraged, please try the new format, one person touring, one person hosting and making teas, then switch for the second tour maybe?

(Toby Harris) #304

Signed up for next Weds. With added Kilner Jars.

(Dermot Jones) #305

I’ve signed up to host on Wednesday. Anyone like to join me?

(Pete Hellyer) #306

oh, go on then. I’ll come.

(Pete Hellyer) #307

Really sorry guys, I hate to do this but I have to bail on open evening tonight. Something rather more urgent has cropped up that I need to deal with.

(Christian Harries) #308

I’ll cover you if you want.

(Pete Hellyer) #309

Awesome! Thanks.

(Tom Newsom) #310

Edited: Snappier title :slight_smile:

(PaulY) #311

I’ll will be down tonight from 6ish to 9ish
So can host for that time.

(Dermot Jones) #312

Currently in Screwfix waiting for 100 pairs of gloves to be picked.

Be right over as soon as I can.

(Dermot Jones) #313

Hosts needed for this Wednesday folks!

We had a very interesting evening last week: only about 5 visitors but they stayed and chatted for a good long while.

(PaulY) #314

Looked like you went for the “tour” method from what I saw.
How did you find that?

Are we advertising a “tour” now? Or has the advertising not changed yet?

(Dermot Jones) #315

We kind of went for extended chat with tea method, then took everyone round, rather than a timed tour. I’m used to doing it that way, and happy to.

An enjoyable and social evening.