Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Tom Newsom) #217

There’s usually a FB and Twitter post on the day which you can retweet/share
(And if there isn’t, tag @marketing and nag them to make one!)

(Christian Harries) #218

Already drafted one for use on Wednesday

(Dermot Jones) #219

Open evening again

We have Richard down as host, but as most of is have found: two hosts works beat!

I imagine there’ll be people down shifting stuff into the dusty workshop, so if all else fails it would be great if one of therm chips in to support Richard, I know this has happened a few times recently.

However: those members hand already given their time to to another task so it would be great to see a few new faces appear and get stuck into open evening itself.

We never know how many guests will arrive: could be 1, could be 10. Experience shows that it’s usually an early rush, around the 7.30 mark.

If possible have something 3d printing…

Have the kettle on…

There’s a few bags and a box of craft stuff in the far end shelf of the snug. Having a corner of the table with something as simple as ‘make your own cards’ can be a good icebreaker.


  • Ex Machina screening next Weds,

  • new workshops launch celebration on 28th May, from 3pm

  • IoT hackathon 14th and 15th May at Impact Hub Westminster.

Who’s for good handwriting? That could all be well placed on a blackboard?

(PaulY) #220

Is there an open evening host induction?

(Richard Pope) #221

Yes - be great if someone could pair up. I’ve not used the 3D printer, can anyone show me how to get something printing this morning or late afternoon?

(Dermot Jones) #222

No…make the place look presentable, put the signs out, take the rubbish out, put the kettle on, be welcoming.

There’s good guidance here: Open Evening Rota

(Dermot Jones) #223

Hi Richard,

you need to have done an induction to use the 3d printer. A few people were inducted last night, which might raise the likelihood that someone is there tonight who is inducted and can get a print going.

(Tom Newsom) #224

Particularly this: How to host Open Evening

(Dermot Jones) #225

Yes. More particularly that!

(Dermot Jones) #226

3d Doodler is also a fun ‘toy’ to have out.

(Tom Newsom) #227

@marketing - nag nag nag!

(Tom Newsom) #228

FB and Twitter open evening reminders sent. Could someone in @marketing please own this job so it gets done each week?

(Dermot Jones) #229

We need some @members to step forward and take on the rewarding role of welcoming prospective members and the intrigued on upcoming open evenings. The rota is a little on the empty side.

(PaulY) #230

Can someone print some more flyers pls?

(Richard Pope) #231

I’ve added myself to host the first one in June

(Dermot Jones) #232

Thanks Richard, looking forward to another spike in membership numbers!

(Dermot Jones) #233

Folks, we still need someone to step up and host tonight, preferably two someones.

Who’ll be the hero?

(Dermot Jones) #234

Okay. I’ll head over. Unlikely to get there before 7.30…and am super busy with work I need to prep for first thing tomorrow…

(Jacob Tarr) #235

I’m here and can help out if necessary, just not sure about doing it on my lonesome!

(Dermot Jones) #236


I’ll be down in 10