Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Paul Court) #144

I’m happy to host the open evening if you guys are building - I don’t have shutter access though, someone would need to open up…


(Toby Harris) #145

I’ve put my name down for next week.

(Paul Court) #146

Quite busy tonight with a constant flow from 7:30
Most amount of interest in the woodwork area (very funny watching @peter_hellyer and I trying to extol the virtues of gear that’s been bought, think Pete did better than I did) few enquiries about Electronics / soldering /micro club / quadcopters / laser cutter etc and some interest in cusions/soft furnishings but generally everyone was interested in the space and just seeing what we’re up to.
Defo got a couple of people at least looking to sign up from tonight so worth the effort!
Fav story - one couple who visited have just bought a flat together in crystal palace and have decided they want the make thier own furniture for it. ! Sounds very cool

(Dermot Jones) #147

Nice work Paul!

(Dermot Jones) #148

So this week @tobyspark is hosting…but we still need a co-host!

Toby is an SLMS veteran so this is an ideal opportunity perhaps for a newer member to go along and see how it’s done.

Open nights are fun and social occasions, plus you get to show off our present and future space!

People ask all sorts of questions…which reminds me: there are such common FAQs on open nights that it’s been suggested we either have a ‘crib sheet’ for hosts, or a flyer that covers them all…I smell a new WiKi…

(Dermot Jones) #149

@SarahJ is hosting this week’s construction-packed open evening.

It’s better than a trip to the zoo…unless you like zoos.

But we are on the search for a co-host. Could you be the one with that ‘Makerspace’ star quality? The light that draws new members in and gets them to flutter moth-like around you?

Alternatively: can you: Put the bins out? Tidy up a bit? Chat about us and making in general? Offer tea and biscuits to prospective members? Entice them to get stuck into a bit of construction…

Open evening is also a good night to come and work on your own projects. It’s great for the public to see the space in use, and hosts are asked to try and ensure you don’t spend your whole evening explaining your project over and over. Unless, of course, you want to.

Sign up for this week and future dates here: Open Evening Rota

(Dermot Jones) #150

@members we need hosts for Open Evenings!

The Rota is very very sparse…

Next open evening has no one signed up yet.

So we urgently need two people to step forward and take the reins tomorrow night.

Please check your diaries and see when you can spend a fun couple of hours welcoming prospective new members and the make-curious…

It’s a great way of contributing to the running of the Makerspace (warning: be prepared to be drawn into the construction work)


(Christian Harries) #151

I go to City Unrulyversity lectures every Wednesday so I won’t be able to do an open evening until early April

(Jonathan) #152

Hi Makers – will anyone be there this evening? I was hoping to come see your space. Thanks, Jonathan.

(Dermot Jones) #153

Hi Jonathan.

The answer is almost certainly ‘yes’…however, we don’t yet have a host for tonight so come back and check this thread later this afternoon just to confirm.

(Tom Newsom) #154

There are still zero volunteers for tonight! Please @members, we need someone (preferably 2 people) to be there from 7 to take out the bins, and from 7:30 to show people round. Visitors tend to turn up bang on 7:30 and we don’t want the shutter to be down!

(joeatkin2) #155

I will go there on my way home don’t know how long i will be able to stay but will be there for 7.30

(Dermot Jones) #156

@pip @joeatkin2 how was open evening?

(joeatkin2) #157

I had to leave at 7,30

(unknowndomain) #158

I suggest we stop doing open evenings until further notice if people aren’t going to sign up to run them because we’ve gone from 2+ people each Wednesday down to none until April now.

As a reminder open evening is meant to mean arriving by 7pm setting up ready for 7.30pm and staying until all the people have gone.

We’ve had a lot of people turn up at or after 7.30pm and leave whilst we still have visitors in the space.

Either members need to commit to this or they need to happen less regularly as previously proposed.

(Dermot Jones) #159

We just need people to sign up.

It’s as simple as that.

Open evenings are an important event, in my opinion.

(Pete Hellyer) #160

I agree with @Dermot. Perhaps we could do with thinking more seriously about reshaping open evening to something more closely aligned with ‘open workshop’ Perhaps hard whilst we’re still a building site.

The soldering evening that @courty ran was very well received and maybe this would be a better way to get people in. Else, maybe we embrace the ‘no host’ approach slightly more, and just encourage people workng on stuff to be more hostworthy. For the most part, I dont think people coming to open evening are so much looking for a tour, just a quick intro and a few questions about their interests asked.

This would be a bit of a change in open evening philosophy though and I’m absolutely sympathetic to the idea that open evening shouldnt get in the way of members getting on with their own work.

(Paul Court) #161

i’m more than happy to do more of the tinker / learn to solder type nights but my main constraint ATM is time. while were going the building/electrics, I need all my spare time for that while is why i haven’t done a Wed recently.

Once everything calms down (hopefully in the next few weeks), i’m sure it will be easier to get helpers for the Wed evenings. I agree with @Dermot, it would be a crying shame to stop doing them., that’s how I met you all and i’m sure several of the other recent-ish joiners did that too.


(Tom Newsom) #162

I think it would take a while for any cancellation message to reach the outside world. The “every wed. is open evening” mantra has been repeating for years now.

I think we have to accept a rather shoddy effort while we rush to get phase 2 done.

(Pete Hellyer) #163

@courty If I recall correctly, you also turned up with a show and tell for open evening as well which got a lot of members in the space talking. Maybe we should encourage this more as well.