Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Pete Hellyer) #126

What would be ideal here is if there was some kind of way to make the top post in a separate frame or something, with the discussion somewhere secondary.

(Tom Newsom) #127

The discourse people do have plans for speical behaviour in “wiki categories” but it’s not top of the list. For now we’ll have to muddle on. I agree with Dermot - this topic needs the discussion fangling off the bottom so we can bump it and nag people to host.

(Neil Thomson) #128

I would do this week but deadline at work and I can’t work remotely on this one occassion, next week also out but put my name down for week after.

(Jackie ) #129

I can’t but will put my name down for another time.

(Jackie ) #130

Just checked, I can also not do next week but am free the week after.

(unknowndomain) #132

I’ve split discussion out of this post: Open Evening Rota

(Dermot Jones) #133

We need another member to co-host with @SarahJ tonight.

Who’s around?

(Tom Newsom) #134

I will be there, but I can’t promise being there for bang on 19:30

(laurent_muchacho) #135

As much as the day go everything with my little one seems good and I should be able to attend tonight. Hopefully I’ll be able to stay until closing time.

(Tom Newsom) #136
  1. The rota is empty going into February
  2. @marketing don’t forget to promote it each week :+1:

(Toby Harris) #137

Ah, yes. We didn’t leave Tuesday’s meeting saying someone was going to do that tomorrow.

(Dermot Jones) #138

@members we need a couple of hosts for tonight’s open evening!

There will be people working on the lining, but they really need to be able to get on with their work.

@marketing we need the usual!

(Toby Harris) #139

Thanks for reminder. I will tweet. @SarahJ can you FB? (And @Dermot if sarah can’t / hasn’t, you’d better – I can’t FB as AFAIK to post it needs a personal account).

(Sarah Jones) #140

Yep will do now

(Dermot Jones) #141

We don’t actually have any hosts for tonight…yet

(Dermot Jones) #142

Me again!

For this week’s open night we have Paul down, and need one more member to meet and greet.

Who’s up for it?

(Dermot Jones) #143


Who’s opening up tonight?

I’d do it if I could…

@Courty you still available to host?

(Paul Court) #144

I’m happy to host the open evening if you guys are building - I don’t have shutter access though, someone would need to open up…


(Toby Harris) #145

I’ve put my name down for next week.

(Paul Court) #146

Quite busy tonight with a constant flow from 7:30
Most amount of interest in the woodwork area (very funny watching @peter_hellyer and I trying to extol the virtues of gear that’s been bought, think Pete did better than I did) few enquiries about Electronics / soldering /micro club / quadcopters / laser cutter etc and some interest in cusions/soft furnishings but generally everyone was interested in the space and just seeing what we’re up to.
Defo got a couple of people at least looking to sign up from tonight so worth the effort!
Fav story - one couple who visited have just bought a flat together in crystal palace and have decided they want the make thier own furniture for it. ! Sounds very cool