Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(rob fuse) #1190

@Mieke I’m unable to do it for the next few weeks. Should I do today ? Great to hear back

(Dermot Jones) #1191

@Mieke have a great open evening tonight!

Tell email about the Maker Festival!

Tell them we are open for new members, they have to join a mailing list on the page on our website that still says we’re closed…!?!

UPDATE: I’ve done a quick edit on the website, prospective members can now signup here

(Dermot Jones) #1192

@edd is hosting tonight

We do need some hosts for future evenings though…

(Ed Yeboah) #1193

There in 45m.

(Dermot Jones) #1194

We need a host for this week’s open evening

A lot of members are immersed in Maker Festival related industry – hosting this week would be a gift to those members!..and then stay on and assemble a sign or two…or who knows what?

(Dermot Jones) #1195

@members – your Makerspace needs you!

Please head over to the Open Evening Rota with your calendar in hand and sign up to host an Open Evening in March or April…or beyond

We’re expecting a very healthy and curious turn out this week on the heels of the phenomenal SLMS showing at the South London Maker Festival yesterday…so I’d say this week probably could to with two hosts?

Hosting is a great way to contribute to the running of the Space, takes a couple of hours…and you get to show off all our cool stuff! And it’s fun: the people who turn up are already interested in the things we’re interested in, and bring new ideas and interests of their own

We have a sort of script you can follow, or you can go off-piste – run a workshop/activity/who-knows-what…

(Jonty Bottomley) #1196

@Jack_MH You could do this in exchange for a router induction afterwards :wink:
It’s not so hard, I’ll be about and can chip in if you find you’re lost for words. Remember you don’t need to know everything, so long as you know a tad more about the space than someone that’s never visited!

(Jack Maran Hewetson) #1197

Router table + table saw induction in exchange for hosting open evening. sounds fair!

I would need a script though!

What time should I arrive?


(Jonty Bottomley) #1198

Pushing it mate, make a few things first.

(Jack Maran Hewetson) #1199

What time do I need to be at the space?!

(Jonty Bottomley) #1200


(Dermot Jones) #1201

Hi Jack,

Thanks for taking this on – as I said above it will likely be busy tonight, so a co-host would be great folks!

The guide is below: a tiny bit out of date…Getting there by 7pm is probably a good idea – Tama will have done the cleaning and rubbish today, so just check toilets are okay…and you know the current system for joining

Oh, and get some nice biscuits and keep them away from members – we’ll reimburse you

And have fun!

(Jack Maran Hewetson) #1202

H Dermot

I’m on be at be but is delayed ( I didn’t realise the Peckham rye road works had affected 37)

Anyway I’m on my way. Hopefully with you at around 7.25!


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(Dermot Jones) #1203

Hi Jack,

How’d it go last night? Looked lively!

(Jack Maran Hewetson) #1204

Yes all fine. They enjoyed the fancy biscuits I got them!

(Dermot Jones) #1205

Looking for a host for this Wednesday/tomorrow

@beth is down for next week

(Valentino Sfamurri) #1206

Got a host for tonight?

(Dermot Jones) #1207

Not as yet…are you offering?

(Valentino Sfamurri) #1208

I’m trying to see if i can make it, I’ve sent a friend wouldn’t want him to turn up and no one is doing the open evening.

Give me 10 mins and I’ll let you know

(Valentino Sfamurri) #1209

Yeh allright I’ll do it. be there in a bit.