Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Dermot Jones) #1158

We also need some signs…

(unknowndomain) #1159

From the sounds of it this needs a new name, rather than open evening its more like a new members evening?

(Dermot Jones) #1160

It’s a mix – some people understandably want to see the Space before signing up

Was nice today have guests again!

(Dermot Jones) #1161

It’s Open Evening* again this Wednesday and we need a host or two

@Edd and @peter_hellyer both suggested they might be up for it, but we invite all members to step forward

Sign-up here

*semi-Open Evening – we’re not advertising these publicly yet, so people turning up are mainly from our ‘membership mailing list’, and have either joined recently or are considering it and coming down to visit first

(Dermot Jones) #1162

Thanks to @platinumnqueen22 for stepping up to the open evening challenge, and doing a bunch of cleaning/tidying up – everyone should emulate this fine figure of a member!

(Dermot Jones) #1163


We need you!

With the incoming stream of lovely new members we’re reinstating Open Evenings – a little under the radar at first: they’re being publicised to anyone who signed up to our membership mailing list over the months since we closed memberships

This means most people turning up will have been offered a membership place, although we expect some passing trade (if this happens make sure to get email addresses from those interested to join)

It also means we need members to host open evenings – it’s actually fun, and you get to show off our fantastic Space

What can you do to make this all work?

  • host or co-host an open evening, sign-up here, the hosting guide is here
  • make sure the Space looks good if your using it on open evening
  • if you’re a tech, then leave out a sample of what can be done in your area – this makes the hosts job much easier: the difference between explaining what a laser cutter does, and showing a laser cut box, for example!

@peter_hellyer is Hosting this Wednesday – this is an ideal opportunity to learn the ropes at his side if you’ve never hosted before!

(Petra) #1164

We’ve planned laser induction for tommorow before the open evenings were announced…Hope it’s okay.

(Dermot Jones) #1165

Not a problem – any spaces left? Can’t see it on Discourse, and new members have been asking

(Petra) #1166

I’ve arranged it with two members who recently asked for an induction whether by tagging lasertechs on discourse or asking in the space - @Oli and @Panjapop.

(Chanelle) #1167

It’s showing on the booking calender.

(Dermot Jones) #1168

I see that, it’s just not showing as an induction for anyone who’s set alerts

(Dermot Jones) #1169

Folks – we’d love some more members to head over and pick a free date they can host…the Rota is here, in particular we need someone for this Wednesday

(Dermot Jones) #1170

Thanks to @petra for signing up as tonight’s host!

(Petra) #1171

Already here!

(Martin John Finch) #1172

Sorry, had to change my date to the 16th. Forgot previous monthly Tooting Labour executive committee is on that night.

(Iain Drummond ) #1173

I have a friend who’s interested in joining the makerspace. Does he have to join the membership mailing list or can he come down to the semi-open evening on the 16th and join after that? Or would that be jumping the queue? Thanks

(Dermot Jones) #1174

There’s no real queue, but we’re working through the mailing list at the moment, so that’s his best bet. When the mailing list is spent we’ll see where we are

(Iain Drummond ) #1175

Thanks Dermot, I’ll let my friend know

(Dermot Jones) #1176

Thanks to @Edd for donning the Open Evening lanyard tonight!

Don’t mention brexfast…

(Martin John Finch) #1177

I’m on next Wednesday night.