Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

(Dermot Jones) #1123

Any project plans images we can share with Facebook/Twitter?

(Charlotte Couttie) #1124

Hmm nothing that I have finished…

(cibelesoaresalvareng) #1125

I am at the space today i can help with the opening evening tonight

(cibelesoaresalvareng) #1126

Hey @Dermot, @charlottecou is here and we wonder what are we suppose to say about our membership intake for the moment?

(Dermot Jones) #1127

Hi, I sent Charlotte a message about this

Just use your own judgement

(Dermot Jones) #1128

@Jackd is on the Rota for this week

Thanks Jack!

What can we share with the world wide web? Photos are always good

(Jack Derrick) #1129

Not really, I haven’t been able to get down much this year! I am trying to change that though!

scraping the barrel, here is;

  • 2 pictures of a finished Jewellery box I made at Christmas
  • My first ever attempt on the lathe at last weeks induction
  • picture of some shelves I put up at home
  • picture of a pile of wood I plan to do something with this year!

I appreciate this doesn’t give you much to go on. I have faith in your marketing abilities though!

(Naomi Zainuddin) #1130

@Jackd do you mind if I shadow you today? I don’t want to jump head first into hosting.

(Jack Derrick) #1131

Not at all! I have only done it once before so could use your help!


(Naomi Zainuddin) #1132

Thanks for letting me tag along! I feel much more confident :slight_smile:

(Jack Derrick) #1133

Thanks for your help!

I think it was fairly successful. We had 7 in total. 2 signed up there and then. 3 more said they would be signing up.

(Dermot Jones) #1134

We had six sign-ups today…do you think they heard about some Membership cap thing?

(Naomi Zainuddin) #1135

It was mentioned.

(Jack Derrick) #1136

They did yes.

(Dermot Jones) #1137

@inmandmk is hosting tonight

Strange one…the membership joining system is in automatic suspension as we approach the 340 cap

Currently you can still sign up to the Membership system, but won’t be able to set up a direct debit

There’s a slim chance that we haven’t reached the 340 cap, and if so we’ll look at the recent unable-to-sign-up-ers and offer membership to any that we can based on sign-up time

So it needs to be made clear early on that we’re probably full. Which is quite something…

(Daniel Sikar) #1138

Yikes may the force be with you @inmandmk

(Dermot Jones) #1139

It could turn ugly?

(Daniel Sikar) #1140

Wee bit unpleasant

(Daniel Sikar) #1141

But hey who am I / are we to argue with the taxman

(Dermot Jones) #1142

So… even though we’re not taking new members currently it’s fairly widely known that we have an open evening on a Wednesday

It will take a while for the word to get round about the cap and until then we’ll get hopeful visitors turning up

Last we we had about 5, @inmandmk? David handled them ably

So…we need to be prepared for guests tonight

We can still give them a friendly welcome and a tour, but need to get the message across early that signups are closed

Who will take on this brave task tonight?