Open Evening Hosts - Always Needed!

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Open Evening Rota
Open Evening Rota
Open Evening Rota
(Tom Newsom) #2

(Toby Harris) #3

I will be there next Weds, 10th, but will have to concentrate on finishing my installation.

(Tom Lynch) #4

Don’t take this the wrong way, but thats basically not being there, because someone has to engage with the visitors and you know that you won’t get work done if you are the only person.

(Toby Harris) #5

That is precisely what I was trying to say: I’ll be there but won’t be able to do the proper meet and greet role.

(Dermot Jones) #6

The way is see it working:

One or two members take the role of host for the evening. They meet and greet and give the tour.

Members working on projects is a vital feature of open night: it demonstrates a working Makerspace.

We need to make sure members are happy to be there.

Part of the the hosts’ role is to ensure other members’ “quiet enjoyment” of what they are doing, by making sure they don’t spend more time than they would like explaining their project to visitors.

Obviously a bit of engagement is nice!

I tried to take this approach on Wednesday. I think I was partly successful.

(Tom Newsom) #7

I concur

(Tom Lynch) #8

Yeah I agree… The point is no one has signed up for the 10th.

(Tom Newsom) #9

Let’s get discourse invites to all other members sent this weekend, then @ them all in this thread. See what sort of response we get.

(Gordon Endersby) #10

Sorry cant do the 10th as were off to my daughters graduation do.

(Liz) #11

I can be here June 17th if it’s helpful.

(Gordon Endersby) #12

Im sure Tom N would appreciate the help.
Just edit the post at the top and add your name next to Tom’s

(Stuart) #13

I’ll be there on the 10th

(Gordon Endersby) #14

Do you think the 24th June is a good day for a 3d print get together during the open evening?


(Tom Newsom) #15

I do not use @Members lightly because of the horrendous mess it causes, but the rota is looking mighty thin. If your name isn’t on it, please consider setting aside a Wednesday evening.

@dalph0, @gordonendersby, @matt, @aabdulshakur, @peter_hellyer, @laurent_muchacho, @conomara, @MARKSE, @richard_aw, @peter, @RichM, @Stuart, @andreas_varotsis, @tobyspark, @ben, @adamjpage, @unknowndomain, @Dermot, @jan_evetts, @emile_swain, @tomnewsom, @russ, @ianzwilson, @barrylillis, @marksteward, @andrewdblack, @eklecticmonkey, @michael, @stef, @squaredoffagain, @AussieFred, @stefanoromano, @biffbangbosh, @KarlS, @jwhelpton, @sarahbarber, @hanno_halonen, @GordonC, @Matthew_Stannard, @lizgreenfield, @Willybood, @ollychadwick, @richard, @deyoane, @SarahJ, @rabiuy, @mikejones, @davidceriwilliams, @Rory_Yeung, @deanforbes, @Matthew_Ian_Clarke, @mandola, @Felix_Ingram, @Tim, @david, @l_shearer, @Slack, @james_lugsden531

(Pete Hellyer) #16

Boom. Volunteering achieved.

(Fred Witting) #17

Can we move this roster into a tool where we can manage it?

I will sign up for Aug as I should have moved south by Aug. put me down for 5th, 12th, 19th.
26th can’t do due to BuringMan

(Stuart) #18

The post is a wiki post, just click the ‘Edit this wiki post’, then you can add your name :slight_smile:

(Fred Witting) #19

HA, is too, blind me.

(Tom Lynch) #20

Need some more pledges…