Online store

(Louis) #1

Hi guys, I’m keen to hear from anyone regarding online stores they have set up that can handle e commerce. I want to sell a product online and need a place to bounce people to so that they can make the transaction there… has anyone set up a wix store or similar? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(Oli Passey) #2

Depends on your expected volume, i’ve done Wordpress / WooCommerce for smaller jobs & Drupal / Braintree for larger. For compliance, its easier to offload the actual payment function to someone else where possible.
GoCardless is also a good option if you can implement it.

I’d avoid Wix, FourSquare etc, but thats just cause im a techie and prefer a bit more control than they typically offer.

Happy to answer some specific questions if you have them :slight_smile:

(Filip) #3

Stripe has launched products for e-commerce, I haven’t used them but based on my experience with the core Stripe products of card acceptance I’d give them a go.

(Tris Oaten) #4

What stands out to me about your request is you say “a product” - singular.

You want

There is no simpler way to sell one or a few products. You don’t need a store, you need just one url to send your customers to.

(Rich Maynard) #5

You can embed chunks of html in an existing web page and take orders through PayPal. Their website will write the html for you :wink:

Looks to be cheaper than Gumroad btw

(Louis) #6

Ok, some more info around my query…
I’m currently building a website using wix because it’s easy and website dev is not my thing. The site will take a while to complete and I don’t want to rush it. I do however have an idea on a product I want to bring to market now and just need a means for people to pay for the item online. I’m guessing I will advertise the product on social media and provide a link to buy it now… when my website is complete I will probably add this function into it but it’s not ready yet. I’m looking for an easy solution as like I mentioned above coding etc is not my bag… :blush:

(Tris Oaten) #7

“a product” + “website dev is not my thing” = :slight_smile:

Here’s me selling something for a dollar:

It’s the easiest, I promise! I love it!

(Rich Maynard) #8

This is the web page to buy my courses online.

Little bit of html from PayPal embedded into it, and PayPal handles the e-commerce. You need a PayPal account, and I think it’s 2.75% with no monthly fees.

(James Hamon Watt) #9

I buit my store using WIX, having previously used GoDaddy and Wordpress. Wix is definitely the easiest of the three. I sell my own products through an ecommerce store at and use social media to drive traffic to it myself.

What are you looking to sell @Jonathan ? More than happy to answer any questions