OFFERED: Henry (just the vac)

HVR 200A. Born in late 2009 according to the label.

This was left on the fly tip on my road. The contacts on the power switch were dirty so I cleaned them and now it works perfectly. It’s literally just the vacuum, so no attachments or bags/filters. Offered to the space first or anyone else if not needed there.


Nice! Can we dedicate this to the desktop CNC?

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Good call

Great :slight_smile:
What are the chances of someone being in if I bring it to the space this weekend some time?

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Check the sessions via the link

And remember only booked members can enter the Space, so get someone to take Henry in

Thanks. I’ll pop over during opening hours and leave it with @LuptonM (also the letter that came for you dermot)

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Henry is just inside the front door

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United at last!!

Thanks @tomnewsom!


Is he going to get directly plugged into the CNC?

Yes! I just ordered a hose for him… already put a new bag in… should be good!


Henry Sucks…

now that he has a hose!!

I still need to 3D print a couple of adapters to make it better, but good start!