Oak shelf

(Twm Davies) #1

More home building stuff.
For some reason the downstairs toilet had no space to put soap dispenser or in fact anything. So I decided to make a simple shelf from a small piece of american oak.

It’s just C shaped base with a single dove tail on each side and glued to the top piece of oak.
The base is off-center so that the screws both go into a ‘stud’.

I used my auscultation finger to find the stud but it found it to be stone rather than wood - no idea what’s behind there as the rest is hollow. So I ended up putting some pretty heavy duty screws with rawl plugs. It’s enough to take the force of someone pressing pretty hard on the hand cream.
Finished with 3 coats of osmo oil/wax. It’s never a humid room so just needs to be splash proof…

(RobertL) #2

There’s some pretty strong hollow wall anchors I’ve been using recently. One requires a setting tool but a smaller hole. I’ll add pictures later

(Twm Davies) #3

Cool. I was looking into hollow wall fixers. They are pretty strong these days. If this was a wooden stud it would have been easy.

(Rich Maynard) #4

These are pretty good, although they work best with a setting tool

(RobertL) #5

I returned the setting tool to screwfix when I found this. Which appears to be exactly the same, even down to the box, for about half the price

I suspect the anchors will be cheaper too

Spring toggles work quite well but require larger holes (15mm for M5)

I’ve yet to try the Grip-it range which require even bigger holes but are reusable