New shutter controls

As some of you will have noticed I have given the shutter control box a much needed revamp.

The shutter now has a emergency stop circuit on it. This is necessary because the shutter is several tons of metal and as we have learnt from experience it does bad things when lowered onto inappropriate objects.

After the stop button operated, it requires a twist release and then a reset with the green button on the outside or the button labelled stop reset on the inside.

It should be noted that the shutter control software is unaware of the shutters absolute position and just Cycles through up down Cycles, so after the stop circuit has been reset it may be necessary to run the shutter through an up-down cycle to get it off the limit switches.

I am hoping in a future iteration of shutters control software this issue will be addressed but for the time being we are just going to have to live with it it as the stop button should only be used in emergencies(the clue is in the name)

It might be worth getting into the Habit of just checking the stop button is out and quickly depressing the reset button before attempting to operate the shutter in case a random has pressed the button for Sh#s and giggles.

I am aware some members have already had trouble with this process and will put some form of indicators on the system to aid the process of working the shutter.