New Printer!

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Hi Makers!

Good news! At long last, the printer is fixed! Well better than fixed…

I tried to fix the old printer, spent hours on it- it was hopeless and made tons of bad noises and ate the paper instead of printing on it! :frowning:

There is so much surplus office equipment in the world there is no reason to spend that much time and money on one particular machine… so with some clever ebay hunting we now have a new to us surplus colour laser jet printer!

It does all the old one does and more and is cheaper to run!

It works
It prints
It scans
It copies
It’s amazing!

Tool page coming soon… it it on the network and ready to print- enjoy!


This is AMAZING! Thank you, @asander1.


Excellent! Huge thanks and kudos @asander1!

Now perhaps we can add the two non-working Lexmark color lasers to the disposal list after Sept 30th?


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Yep, i will post about getting rid of them shortly…!

Nice work!

Is there a neat space for it? Looks like it might be too tall for under 3d printers?

Yea, 2 reasons to not put it there!

  1. The old one was so full of dust from being on the ground that probably didn’t help with it’s longevity

  2. The new one has a scanner / copier on top, so while it may fit, you wouldn’t be able to open it…

Right now its out on the office stuff bookcase, which is ok, I am thinking of organising a ‘clean the clean-space’ where maybe we rearrange…

It would also be good between the door and bathroom which is a traditional junk spot!


Hi all, :smiley: may we have a cover for it like the 3D printer to keep the evil dust devil at bay ,


Great! Thanks a lot for doing this!

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Hi all!

I have updated the printer tool page to refer to the new printer:

Also other than actually working, and added scanning capabilities, this is why it is a good value to the space/members:

The old printer running costs:

Original Lexmark Toner (all) : £747.11 for 12k, 7k colour pages
Cheap replacement toner (all) : £382.63 for 12k black, 7k colour pages

Cheapest Toner: £382.63 / 19k = £20 / 1000 pages

The new printer running costs:

Original Canon Toner (all): £246.65 for 16.5k black, 11.5k colour pages

OEM Toner: £246.65 / 28k = £8.80 / 1000 pages

44% of the cost, 56% Savings