New membership and induction to the metal lathe

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(Gerardo Gozzi ) #1

Hi all,

I would like to become a member of the Makerspace to work mainly on the metal lathe. I have been working on making parts of clarinets at the Fablab London for over two years, and since it closed I have been looking for a new lab to relocate my project. I am well acquainted with how the machine works, and I am used to keep it always oiled and cleaned after my session. Furthermore, I have my own tools, specific for the material I process (I use high-density woods–as hard as aluminium–which require precision cuts and a strong 3 jaw chuck).

@metaltechs – I was wondering if I could arrange a meeting with one the members responsible for the induction to the the lathe. I would be happy to explain what I do more in detail and to understand how I can become a member and get clearance to use the machine.

Many thanks for all your kind attention and help.

(Petra) #2

@Will @Calum_Nicoll

(Paul Court) #3

Hi Gerardo,

Have you send a request to join via the website ?

I also have a couple of concerns about this, have sent you a message, please have a read and let me know.


(Gerardo Gozzi ) #4

Hi Paul

I have just replied to your message and initiated the membership request.

@petra many thanks for tagging Will and Calum. I will wait for their reply.