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Hi guys,

I’m Mark. I have finally got a membership. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what the next steps are. Ultimately, I’d like to do some woodworking but that’s rather in demand from what I gather. So to start I’d just like to work in your space on my home automation projects, I know what I’m doing with that so it should be fairly straightforward.

Anyway, what do I to get started?



Welcome to the space Mark! You should now be able to see the category with all the induction waitlists. Also, check out your welcome message when you get a chance and feel free to ask any questions you might have. Electronics night is every Thursday at 7pm which a great spot to connect with similar makers. Welcome!

Hi Kyle. Thanks for getting back to me. :slight_smile: I’ve checked out the welcome message and it looks like Julia is at the space this evening – I’m hoping I can swing by before she leaves. Looking forward to meeting you in person sometime.

We’ll be there late, I’m sure. See you then!

Looks like you’re all having an intense meeting. I don’t want to interrupt so I’ll come back another day.

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Come on in!

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I just cycled home. Thanks for the invite tho. I’ll try again on Wednesday. :nerd_face:

Hi Mark,

So sorry you didn’t come in.

If you’re available Wednesday, you’ll get some home made cake! :smiley:

See you hopefully Wednesday,