New member - woodworking

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Hi folks,

Thanks to Julie for the intro at Herne Hill makerspace. Looking forward to meeting others too. If anyone’s available to give me a ‘how-to’ on some of the woodworking machinery I’d be very grateful :slight_smile: thanks, Chris


Hi Chris,

It was nice to meet you the other day,

@directors I think we have a new keen member here! how do we get Chris to join.


We are trying to get the woodshop inductions restarted after the coved19 thing

Thanks Joe. Would I be able to get a fob in the meantime? I’m already trained on hand tools - chisels etc

Getting a door entry fob is immediate upon membership then as you get to know people I’m two of them will vouch for you being a sensible chap you can gain shutter access.

As for using hand tools I’m afraid no matter how expert you are you have to listen to somebody drone onto you about out not sticking a chisel in your eyeball. Because if we don’t tell you that leaves us liable.

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Hi Chris, glad you’ve joined us here!
I’ve been trying to make it a bit easier for folks to get acquainted with the space and the different steps required. Check out this page and please provide feedback to improve it!

This is new Discourse members, as opposed to SLMS members? Would be good to make this distinction clear in the title

EDIT: Discourse definitely needs a guide, and can baffle existing users


The goal would be to guide folks through both, but I agree it could be clearer!


Thanks Kyle, I’ll pop along to get my fob then. :slight_smile:

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