New member introduction: Woodworking, drones, robots, Arduino, 3d printing

Hi there! My name is Gene and I run a solar panel/battery company in Croydon. I will bring along as guests my two sons (12 and 17) . We are mainly interested in woodworking, 3D printing, and electronics. We would like to build projects using Arduino and similar systems and woodworking projects. We are relatively new to the subject but have already built a robot guided by road markings and a smart window, while my sons built a motion sensing bracelet and a compostable keyboard. We are now making a disc sander which we hope to finish when we come to the makerspace.

Thank you,



Welcome Gene! Tell me more about the disc sander? Have you visited the space yet?


Hi Andy,
It’s meant to be a disc sander made of a plywood disc with sandpaper glued to one face. We plan to power it by a drill possibly fixed to a wooden plate. It’s a ‘warm-up project’.

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