New Lasertechs

Hi all you wonderful Makers…
With the high demand for use of the laser, the @lasertechs have decided to add a few more people to the Lasertech family. I am delighted to announce that @kirberich and @Robin_B are joining the crew to assist you all in your wonderful laser projects. Please shower them with gifts and glory as you do with @petra and I :wink: and, make them feel appreciated when they do great things…
There are some changes coming to the way we assist and induct people on the laser so watch out for the Trotec Tuesday announcement soon…
Happy Lasing!
The Lasertechs


I love the term Trotec Tuesdays - I think that’s a stroke of brilliance

Fusion Friday ? Ok I know Friday is the start of the weekend for many so is not likely to take of but I do like the term

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Yusss! We’re here to make your boring projects awesome! WITH LASERS!
Just in time for those fancy self-made Christmas presents, eh? :smiley:




@electrotechs have a group picture too.