New Bike Tools rack?

(Martin John Finch) #1

Anyone object if I create new storage for the bike tools? They were previously on a peg board which was removed when the metalshop was reorganised. The space has a pretty good selection of bike tools, if you can find them. This should address that. Proposed location on side of metalwork tool cabinet (see photo). Ok with you @metaltechs?

(Nico de Jong) #2

Yup all good, go for gold!

(Paul Court) #3

the bike tools are in a plastic box in that rack at the top, saw them the other day when rooting around for something


(Tom Newsom) #4

Good idea :slight_smile: I wondered where they went!

(Martin John Finch) #5

Meet your new bike allen key rack. Please put 'em back when you are finished using them.

Next phase, hooks or something for other tools like chain whip, etc.