Need help with industrial sewing machine

(Martin John Finch) #1

Is the industrial sewing machine working? Can anyone help me with a small project, sewing a piece of plastic into a nylon tent? I need to replace the window, have the material, but am told I need an industrial strength sewing machine because the window plastic is quite thick. I know nothing about sewing machines or how to use them.



(Andy Sanderson) #2

It’s not working, the needle goes too far down and breaks… not sure anyone has solved why… would be great to get it going again though as it is a nice machine!

Try the Bernina?

(Petra) #3

There’s going to be a technician next Thursday maintaining the industrial machine so it probably will get fixed soon.

(Andy Sanderson) #4

That’s great! Thanks Petra!

(Petra) #5

@techfolderkites has his share on this one!

(Zachary De Santos) #6

Yes a service specialist is looking at all our machines on Thursday

(Zachary De Santos) #7

Rob has been. 7 machines have been serviced and now working. He identified that the industrial singer machine is missing a hook retaining bar, which means the machine is not working. The bar was there when the machine was working, and now the bar is not there, which means someone has taken it out and not put it back. Rob will look for an old part, and Joe has said he could perhaps make the part once we know more about it.

(Zachary De Santos) #8

The hook retaining bar has become missing from the machine, so the machine is out of service since the bar has disappeared and they are hard to find. Rob from Singer sewing centre will look into finding a replacement, plan a is to give @joeatkin2 a plan of the part so that he can look into making one, plan b is to find a part and Rob is going to ask his source who breaks down old machines for parts.

(Zachary De Santos) #9

The Berina has been serviced and is working.

(Zachary De Santos) #10

The Janome can do this. The machine has had a service and is working.

(Martin John Finch) #11

Thanks @techfolderkites for your work on getting the sewing machines serviced! re. the original reason for this thread, as it turned out, tent glue and tape worked just fine. Looking at the way the plastic window was sewn in, it would have been impossible to replicate now with any sewing machine. In fact, I think sewing the window in would have damaged waterproof-ness more than leaving it alone.

Thanks for the offer anyway.


(Martin John Finch) #12

Idea: there is a huge industrial sewing machine repair place (Wimbledon Sewing Machines) right behind my building. If Rob cannot find a source, send me a detailed description with model number and I will go in and ask. They have hundreds of machines in there, many of which are broken for parts. Can we get a photo of what the part should look like @techfolderkites?

(Zachary De Santos) #13

Thanks @fincheee Rob who serviced our machines said he would look into helping us make a part, when we have the information I will share it with you as well towards finding the spare

(Andy Sanderson) #14

We have the 96K49…

SINGER 96K49.pdf (5.9 MB)

See parts list attached, what part number is missing? Also would be good to see it in the diagram in case it turns up in the space somewhere…

Also FYI, an entire machine just sold for £50, so deals are out there…:

(Andy Sanderson) #15

Entire new head with additional attachments - working perfectly £40.