National Park City

(PaulY) #1

This summer, London becomes the worlds first National Park City

Read more here:

(David Santoro) #2

What does it mean? The site is very unclear

(Dermot Jones) #3

Partly it remains to be seen!

I had a small part in the campaigning for this a couple of years ago, so it’s wonderful that it’s finally happening. It was forced into existence by a friend of a friend called Dan Raven-Ellison. A great example of how singular focus and drive can bring about a change

We’ve been talking about greening up the Makerspace garden, the launch of London as a National Park City might be a great focus for this?

(PaulY) #4

Essentially seeing London’s individual areas of green, and green related, as a whole.

In terms of a conceptual thing that can be referred to.

Referred to by organisations or individuals for funding, planning, events, conversationally, etc.

An equivalent might be the Peak District.

It’s got a map now. I’ve got a spare one that I could leave in the space.

It’s recognised by the National Trust.

And finally it’s official launch is this summer with lots of activities happening.