Much help needed

(Natasha ) #1

Hi there

I have been looking all over the net to laser cut some acrylic. I purchased several a6 menus stands thinking i could find a way to cut parts of it off and use one part for invitations. The jigsaw and multi tool do not work and my local glass cutters was unable to help me. I am not quite sure but would it be possible to come in one day and use this space to cut the acrylic. It’s my mum’s 50th birthday and I am throwing a suprise for her in Africa. I wanted to create a6 acrylic invitations. Would you be able to help at all. I am happy to pay or donate money or acrylic material. I look forward to hearing from you

(electrotech) #2


When is the deadline?
Oh,… and in what way are you hoping to modify them?

(Natasha ) #3

Hey. You able to help?

(Natasha ) #4

As soon as possible please. They need to be sent to Africa as the suprise birthday is in July. But i need invitations sent out asap.

I have attached a photo of the acrylic menu

It’s 2 sided but all I want is the front part which is a6

This is what i want it to look like

And this is what it currently looks like :frowning:

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