Missing Package

(Dani Clode) #1

Hi, I’m just starting another discussion about this as I have still not found my package. Has anyone seen a medium sized box from CraftMill addressed to Dani Clode around the space? It was signed for from a Hermes delivery guy on Wednesday 17th. It has about £60 worth of casting stuff in it, and I’ve looked everywhere. Has anyone seen it?


(Brian Cox (no relation )) #2

Hi Dani, ive had a good look round and even looked on all the high places in the clean area but nothing has been found, I would have a good look in the snug , I cannot believe someone has taken it on purpose, you may need a torch to see everything in the snug as the lighting is not that great, I will be back down later keep well, Brian D=

(Dani Clode) #3

Hi Brian, Yes I had a good look around the snug today and I can’t see it…

(Brian Cox (no relation )) #4

Hi Dani, how much do you require for the job I may have some spare at home you can have and could bring it down in the morning if this is of some help to you, Brian D=

(Chanelle) #5

Hi Dani,

Is it worth asking on the bath estate WhatsApp group just in case it was delivered to the wrong place? The directors should be able to connect you.

(Tris Oaten) #6

Strong odds that Hermes delivered it to a random place in this postcode - they’ve got somewhat of a reputation. They might have even put it outside the shutter and left!

My assumption is that no package carried by Hermes will be delivered.

I’d start the refund / claim process - sorry!

(Dean Forbes) #7

The parcel was received and placed inside a week prior to Danni looking for it

(Dani Clode) #8

I came to the space 3 days after it was supposedly delivered and it wasn’t there. Are you sure you aren’t thinking of a smaller package? This one is a 4kg box of plaster and alginate.


(Brian Cox (no relation )) #9

Hi Dani, yes the small package is the one I had seen and signed for a 4gk box (10lb ) would be considerably larger and heavier (thank god you picked up the one on the table ) I have not seen the larger one im sure the delivery person gave it to another arch it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened nor the last, I do hope it turns up for you, keep well Brian D=

(Dean Forbes) #10

@Dani_Clode I was replying to the Missing/Stolen Package post which described it as a package of plaster, so the package I saw delivered to the space is independent of the one received by Brian

(Dani Clode) #11

Ok! So it was definitely delivered! So very odd I can’t find it then…

(Dani Clode) #12

I found it! It was under lots of stuff in the snug…

(Dermot Jones) #13

Have changed the title – I don’t think it’s fair to suggest a package has been stolen when it’s likely just mislaid

Also: having gear delivered to railway arches has its own risks, and we ask members to ensure they are on-site to receive any deliveries